Here Comes a New Challenger! Nom Nom Galaxy Update (Ver. 0.09)

Here Comes a New Challenger! Nom Nom Galaxy Update (Ver. 0.09)

Greetings once again, Astroworkers!


AstroNote Vol. 26

This week brings yet another round of glorious changes to improve company morale and productivity! Last week we hinted upcoming changes to expand the community and multiplayer aspects of Nom Nom Galaxy. We’ve continued on that journey in this patch with a few changes you’ll see when you update.



When you select a planet to play now, you’ll be taken to a screen that show a leaderboard for the planet. From this screen you’ll be able to select the rival company you’ll compete against. This ghost data will then be used to create your opponent. Previously, we used your most recent ghost data from a previous play session to create the MegaSoup Co. Now we’ll be using other Astroworker’s data, so you’ll have to step your game up!

Rival Company Select Screen

Because of the changes in the save system, any of your previous saved data will be lost. This means that if you had a game in progress before, it will disappear. We’re sorry to bulldoze your factories, but it’s all in the name of PROGRESS!

For now, we’re only using ghost data we’re collecting in the office. In the future, we’ll allow players to upload their ghosts to share with players around the galaxy.

Working Overtime

One of the features often requested is the ability to continue working on your base after you’ve reached 100& Market Share. Now when you conquer your rival, you’ll be taken back to the main menu where you can select “Continue Work” to keep working on your base. You’ll be given the option to select a new rival company and start the game over with your market share reset.



You can now spent money to reload your Missile and Shot towers! This will eliminate all of the dead towers littering bases.




Update Notes

  • In order to accommodate the new ghost data system, saved data from previous versions will not longer work.
  • Added Rival Company selection screen when you start work on a new planet. Select “Start “Work” after the planet selection screen to chose a rival.
  • Use LB and RB to switch rival sorting options on the Xbox 360 controller. Click the column to sort with a keyboard and mouse.
  • Players can now continue using their base after achieving 100% Market Share by selecting “Continue Work” from the menu.
  • Rival Company names now appear in the in game HUD
  • Added limit of 15 missiles to Missile Tower.
  • Missiles no longer go through walls.
  • Fixed some strange behavior for missiles.
  • Added a reload option to Missile and Shot Towers. Access the Maintenance Menu and press “Left on the d-pad” for controllers, or Q+A for mouse and keyboard users.
  • Fixed issues where rival’s graphs were not being saved correctly.


As always, please let us know what you think in the comments here, on our Steam Community, Facebook, or Twitter! See you next week!

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Ghost in the Machine: Nom Nom Galaxy Update (Ver. 0.08)

Ghost in the Machine: Nom Nom Galaxy Update (Ver. 0.08)

Welcome to another weekly update, Astroworkers!

This week’s updates are largely on the back-end of things in preparation for future updates. We’ve fixed some of the controller issues with the buzzsaw, which should make it easier to control for starters. Controlling the saw when it’s closer to you requires a lot less finesse, so you won’t  have problems destroying blocks directly next to you.

The other update is in preparation for allowing more competitive play between Nom Nom Galaxy players. Currently when you start a map, you’re constantly playing against ghost data of your previous play session. This was a work-around for a lack of reliable competitive AI. In a future update, we’ll be introducing a feature to allow you to see leaderboards of for each map and download the top ghost data from our best Soup Co. employees to compete against. There’s nothing like a little inter-office competition for motivation!


Update Notes

  • Fixed a bug which caused the buzzsaw to not appear when activated after immediately taking damage.
  • Adjusted control of buzzsaw. It should be easier to control at shorter distances.
  • Astroworkers can now collect matter and money while riding vehicles
  • Astroworkers will now take proper damage while riding vehicles
  • Ghost data system has been updated. Previously, when selecting “Continue” on a map a new ghost data file would be created. We’ve modified it to append your current ghost data. This is in preparation for a later update, which will allow for some asyncronus competitive elements.


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Pimp My Ride! Nom Nom Galaxy Update (ver. 00.07)

Pimp My Ride! Nom Nom Galaxy Update (ver. 00.07)

Salutations, Astroworkers!

Whether you’re ranging for ingredients or defending your factory, getting around the planet quickly is paramount to the Astroworker. The most pedestrian way to travel is, of course, by foot. But with a few upgrades you can equip yourself with a light and fast hoverboard, or a resource hauling vacuum tank.

One of the problems with these vehicles, however, is that you have limited access to some of the Astroworker’s abilities. If you’re riding, you’re riding! In the latest update, we’re starting to expand upon those abilities to hopefully make the vehicles more attractive options for not only moving around planets, but also defending and collecting resources.


For example, Astroworkers can now send heads flying from the hoverboard with the beam sword. This make sprinting back to the base for defense both speedy and deadly. Imagine cutting down your attackers mid-air!



The vacuum tank upgrade takes away some of the tedium of collecting ingredients. Simply use your buzzsaw to dig up the ground, then the vacuum to collect your bounty!


Update Notes:

  • Astroworkers can now use weapons while riding in vehicles!
  • The beam sword can be used when riding the hoverboard and the buzzsaw while riding the vacuum tank.
  • Rival companies sales data is now shown on the sales chart at the end of each day.
  • Data from your play session will now be displayed after you’ve won/lost the planet.
  • Players arms will now properly animate when aiming the shotgun and point in the correct direction.

BIG Award!! Nom Nom Galaxy Update (ver. 00.06)

So last week we were screaming ‘goal’ for practice, but now it’s actually appropriate!



Nom Nom Galaxy was awarded Best Game Award at Brazil’s Independent Games Festival!

Doin' it Big in Brazil!

Doin’ it BIG in Brazil

We’re honored to receive the award, especially considering some of the great indies we were up against. Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime (my personal favorite at the show) grabbed the Best Gameplay Award, and Gorogoa took home the Best Art award.

The festival was amazing. We had the opportunity to play some great games, including a bunch of incredible indie games developed by studios here in Brazil. Some of the standouts included Aritana (which won the People’s Choice prize), Ninjin , Chroma Squad, Like a Boss! (Brazilian Games Winner), and Headblaster.


We want to thank all the folks at BIG Festival for putting on a great conference. It truly was a pleasure to come and share our soup with the PixelJunk fans here in Brazil. This award will only motivate us to make Nom Nom Galaxy even better!

In honor of the award, we’ve got a special treat for this week’s update: a new map! The new map is much wider than any of the previous maps, so there may be some issues (i.e, crashing) that occur when you build super large bases. Let us know if you experience any problems!

Update Notes:

  • When you are riding in a vehicle through a corridor, you can now press “↓” to pass through intersections to reach lower levels of the base.
  • Fixed a bug that affected buoyancy of the vehicles when traveling through vertical corridors and caused vehicles to get stuck.
  • The title screen has gotten a new “BIG” update
  • Add new experimental wide stage, BIG Land

See you next week!

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GOOOOOOOOOAAAAAALLLL! Nom Nom Galaxy Update (ver. 00.05)

GOOOOOOOOOAAAAAALLLL! Nom Nom Galaxy Update (ver. 00.05)


(Sorry, just practicing for our Brazilian debut next week!)

Welcome to another weekly update for Nom Nom Galaxy, Astroworkers!

Golden Week, Japan’s string of national holidays every May, just finished and now we’re back to making soup. Because of the holidays, we’ve got another light update with a few bug fixes and optimisations. As I mentioned last week, we’re holding back the good stuff this month for bigger and badder updates come June. So hold your horses (soup rockets?) while we smash bugs!

Next week we’ll be at the Brazil Independent Games Festival in Sao Paulo, where Nom Nom is nominated for three awards: Best Gameplay, Best Art, and Best of Show. Wish us luck! Key an eye on Facebook and Twitter(@PixelJunkNews) for updates from the show!


Update Notes:

– PixelJunk logo has received a makeover for the BIG Festival.
– Fixed a bug when buying Hoverboard while standing inside a building, making it unable to ride.

That’s it for this week. Remember you can send you feedback to us here or in our Steam Community Group. We want to hear what you have to say!

See ya next week!

– p0rk1ns

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Dancing Robots! Nom Nom Galaxy Update (ver. 00.04)

Dancing Robots! Nom Nom Galaxy Update (ver. 00.04)

Hello Astroworkers!

As we mentioned last week, we’re on a lite update schedule for the month of May. It’s the middle of Golden Week, a string of national holidays here in Japan, and many of us at Q are spending some much deserved time off with our family and friends.

We’re also preparing for some big things behind the scenes with Nom Nom Galaxy that we think everyone is going to be really excited about! But this week’s update includes something we’ve put off for ages…

Title Screen BGM!

Even Robo-shacho can’t contain his joy. Look at him dancing!


Update Notes:

Updated title screen!
– New BGM
– Robo-shacho now has animations!

Earnings report updates
– Added player’s base salary
– Separated graphs for total sales and sales per day. You can switch between them.
– Fixed a bug causing the graphs to go off the screen. They should scale automatically now.
– Added more control of the sales reports with the keyboard and mouse
– Fixed bug causing graphs to show incorrect data after starting from a saved game

Other bugs
– Fixed a bug that would cause the game to crash when players and robots would attempt to pick up the same item

That’s it for this week. Remember you can send you feedback to us here or in our Steam Community Group. We want to hear what you have to say!

See you next week!
– p0rk1ns

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NNG Early Access Update Notes: Revision 55272

NNG Early Access Update Notes: Revision 55272

Revision 55272 is now live on Steam! You will automatically receive this update when you start Nom Nom Galaxy. You can check your current revision on the titles screen next to the copyright information.

In this update we’ve improved controller and keyboard + mouse support, added a preliminary save system, and added pause functionality. Thanks for all of the feedback we’ve received via the Steam Community forums. It’s been extremely helpful! We’ll continue to work on bugs and requests for the next update. Please head over to the Nom Nom Galaxy Steam Community forums to contribute!

Update Notes

  • Added save function.
  • Select “Continue Work” from the main menu to load most recent save data.
  • Data is saved per stage, but only one file is created per stage at the moment.
  • Games are saved at the end of each day.
  • Save states don’t distinguish between 1P or 2P, so you can continue a game with a new player or without one.
  • Added pause functionality.
  • The game pauses when opening up the control guide and quit game dialog.
  • Added controller assignment options to the options menu.
  •  - 1P: controller, 2P: controller
  •  - 1P: controller, 2P: keyboard + mouse
  •  - 1P: keyboard + mouse, 2P: controller
  • If a controller is not connected, controls will default to keyboard + mouse.
  • At the end of the day, Astroworkers will gain full HP and oxygen.
  • Recipe Maker renamed to Soup Factory.
  • Fixed bug causing buildings next to Soup Factories to fall after it was unlocked.
  • Shotgun can now be fired with L2 or R2 when using a controller.
  • Fixed bug in 2P mode that prevented exit dialog from properly displaying when pressing Esc key.
  • Adjusted unlock costs of items in the research menu.
  • Lowered the cost of Soup Factory to 300 Matter.






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There can only be ONE… Immortal Mammoth

One of our goals with Nom Nom Galaxy is to have a diverse variety of plants and animal for you to fight, cultivate, harvest, and ultimately make into soup. One such creature is our space mammoth. It’s been chillin’ on the planets of NNG for a while now, but has been pretty harmless thus far. That all changes next week, with Yamatron working on new attacks and AI for the now stationary beast. We’ve received a lot of great ideas from fans on Facebook and Twitter, so we’re sure we can make it a memorable member of the NNG family.

One of our interns testing NNG had a bit of fun with the mammoth yesterday afternoon. In an ultimately vain attempt to snuff out it’s digital life, he created a massive array of Missile Towers.

photo 1

Here’s a video of the failed attempt – Missile Attack!

I talked to Sawa and it turns out the mammoth isn’t really immortal; it’s got 2.1 BILLION hit points! So technically you could kill it. But by our estimates that would take a couple of weeks!




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Keys Open Doors

Keyboard and mouse support went in over the weekend (yeaaa!) but we’re just getting all the in-game prompts settled this week. Right now you can see what keys are assigned to which action by pressing F1 while playing. It’ll bring up this handy menu!


Part of our never ending mission this week is to make controls more intuitive for kb+m players. Yamatron put together a mock up of some of the icons that could appear. This is just a test for us to check the size and visibility of each icon. You won’t see all the icons crowding the left side of the screen at the same time when this goes into the game.


Are you playing with a mouse and keyboard? Let us know what you think about the current setup in the Nom Nom Galaxy Steam Community!

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NNG Early Access Update Notes: Revision 55218

NNG Early Access Update Notes: Revision 55218
Revision r55218 is now live! The first of many updates!

This update should download automatically when you start Nom Nom Galaxy. You can check your current revision on the titles screen next to the copyright information. There is currently an issue that disables the keyboard when a controller is plugged in during single player mode. This is being addressed.

– Added Keyboard and Mouse Support
– Added In-game keyboard and mouse control guided added. Press F1 to access.
– Optimizations to improve FPS

– キーボードとマウス操作に対応しました
– ゲーム内のキーボードとマウス操作ガイドを追加しました
– FPSの最適化



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