Nom Nom Galaxy on Steam Early Access!

Thank you for supporting Nom Nom Galaxy! By participating in the Steam Early Access and joining the your fellow ASTROWORKERS, you’ll be contributing to the development of the game both through your support and your feedback. This is the first time a PixelJunk game has been available to the world in such a… uncooked state, if you will. We’re both excited and terrified by the prospects! But we’re confident that with your help we can make another amazing game to add to the series!


When joining the Early Access team, you’ll be sent a Steam Key for Nom Nom Galaxy. Please remember that you’ll be playing an alpha build of the game. Many features are still being designed or have yet to be implemented. You’re also likely to run into bugs, both funny and frustrating. But one of the best things about this interactive development process is that we can hear from you about what’s working and what isn’t, which will help us make Nom Nom Galaxy that more delicious.


Thanks and see you among the Soupy Stars!








  • TimHitchings

    What’s a pixel junk pack?

    • John

      The PixelJunk Pack includes Steam keys for PixelJunk Monsters Ultimate, PixelJunk Shooter, and PixelJunk Eden.

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  • Funktion

    Is there any chance you can make a tier with the special costumes (from the $89 tier), but without the PixelJunk Pack, for those who already own the previous titles, for a little less?


    • John

      It’s a little too late to set up new tiers and widgets, unfortunately. You’ll be able to trade or gift the keys you get in the perks, so they won’t be going to waste.

  • Jesse

    March 13th in Japan! When will we see it on steam?

    • John

      It’ll be on Steam at 9am PST on March 13th. That’s around 1am JST on March 14th in Japan.

  • Fungusdude

    What time does this launch? Will there be a Steam page or do I need to purchase the alpha elsewhere?

    • John

      It launches at 9am PST! You can get it on Steam or from our widgets here. The Early Bird Access tier will be limited to 1000 people!

      • Fungusdude

        Ah. Thanks! I’ll be standing by.

  • Jesse

    Getting a 404 when i try to buy the early bird!

    • Dionis

      Keep trying. ;)

    • Fungusdude

      Just be patient. The site has been getting a ton of traffic.

  • Dionis


    I just buy the game through this page but there is no key at this time in my humble page. :/

    • DirtyRandy

      same here. I think the humble store usually updates at around 2 pm est, so I’m just going to check back later in the afternoon

      • Dionis

        Ok, thanks for the info. :)

        • Intel

          F5 you will see you key =))

  • Bradaz

    I just bought the $9 package and didn’t get a key… When do these go out?

    • Intel

      F5 link humble you will see you key =))

      • Bradaz

        Cheers dude! Humble store put it straight on my account too :)

      • DirtyRandy


  • raistand

    I really hope that within the next two months there will be NO price reduction.

  • Chris Stewart

    Where do the digital wallpapers go? I can’t find mine. Thanks :)

    • John

      Yamatron is putting the final touches on the wallpaper pack. Should be uploaded tomorrow!

      • Chris Stewart

        Awesome, thank you! Just spent an hour playing the tutorial stage and had lots of fun :)

  • Jamie Hardwick

    Is there a way to change the price from USD to GBP? I can’t find an option to convert the currency over…

  • gacl

    Is there any non-Steam way to buy and play this game? Direct download? Origin? I’ve been really looking forward to playing this!

  • gacl

    Does this support Linux? Pixeljunk Inc said it supported Linux. Now it just says PC. So, is Linux supported?

  • Funktion

    A heads-up: the Pixeljunk “costume” tier is listed as being $89 on the front page, but it’s $79 on the humble widget. One of the prices is wrong.

    Also, that tier currently doesn’t include a PixelJunk Eden Steam key (there’s one for PixelJunk Monsters Ultimate and one for PixelJunk Shooter, but none for PixelJunk Eden).

  • Breaker

    This game is really awesome, I have reposted it on my blog as well :) Keep up the nice work!

  • Stikenir

    It’s a weird question, but: is there any chance to have a 3DS eShop release of this game? I feel like this game would be at it’s best on handhelds.

  • Loni Chou
  • TheoDutch

    Where can I give feedback on the game?


    Is there any DRM-free option? Will it be coming to

  • Alex Sanchez

    I ended up buying this game after PAX (huge fan of Monsters)! But I am having a FWP. I cannot seem to get resolution to work for my 3200 x 1800 rez. I cannot change the in game resolution since I cant even reach the set up menu. it is pulling up as the 1/4 of the top left corner of the screen. Can I lease get some help :( I really wanna play the game. Thanks!

    • Matt Beagent

      Also having resolution issues. Running 1920×1080 on a 24″, changed the settings to fullscreen now the game autominimises itself. Try to open it, screen goes black, then minimises itself again.

  • JonathanisPrimus

    Vita version cancelled?

  • proto0x

    PS4 Japanese version.You get up in the Galaxy story mode. 1: processing speed of the game will fall sharply. 2: Can not load the middle save the game. Event the game can not be continued happening that. I want you to fix quickly.

  • Luis Felipe Ferreira

    Hello! I’m brazilian and I’m very interested on Nom Nom Galaxy. I have a channel on YouTube and I would like to record a gameplay of Nom Nom Galaxy. So may I ask you to give me a copy of the game? You decide.
    My YouTube channel:

  • Roman

    Hello, my name is Roman. I’m a Russian Let’s Player.
    “Nom Nom Galaxy” is a very good game!
    Can you give me a digital copy of your game, so I shot the video on this game? Thank you!

    This is my channel on youtube:

  • Landen

    WHAT TTHE HELL? 9999?!?!
    Wait, well gg ppl with good jobs :/

  • Max Serebrinskiy

    Hi I’m playing this on ps4 and it is a great game but i am playing challanged and i get a score of 1 min 30 secs in a race which would be top 3 place but it still only records my original time of 4 mins and says i need to do better to get bronze even though i have elite score.. I couldnt find support or bug forum..

  • lol

    yes, pay 10,000 on a game that’s not good. hrm?