Got Gas?


Hi everyone, hope you all enjoyed your holidays (assuming you got some :D). We’re right back into it here from Day 1. We picked up where we left off last year with the poison gas. So the current gas had only just been hacked in across a few days as a prototype. We’ve since been trying a heap of different algorithms this week for its movement and propagation. Some of them haven’t turned out so well, but that’s what prototyping is for!

The obvious end goal for the gas is to make it fun. Only gas which is fixable will be fun though. We want it to be omnipresent in the atmosphere, and behave according to some simple rules of pressure. If it gets too thin, it should disappear. So high concentrations of gas in small areas will take a while to dissipate  and if it’s sealed in an airtight space, it would keep forever. This would open up potential crisis solutions like siphoning off oncoming gas into side tunnels.

And this is the best bug (feature?) ever. Gigantic player shaped gas clouds! :D