Mystery Present!

Mystery Present!

hello! it is a Artist Yamamura.
I Got a Christmas presents from SOUP company!
Soup and chocolate is a mystery!!!
There were three types of soup.
Monstro flavor, Greenplanet,and Creamysausage!
So what exactly is inside?

  • kripto sporidium

    ” So what exactly is inside? ”

    My guess would be soup.

    I wonder if the creamy sausage one has anything to do with the sausage party facility from four posts ago. There’s a party in my can and eveyone’s invited!

    • Rowan

      Those sausages sure look like they’re having fun! >< Cept that one on the right. He looks kinda distressed.. and the middle one looks all relaxed and content lol :D

      • The poor sausage !! Of course he will be distressed, how do you think it feels to be stuck floating in universe that is enclosed in a can?!!!

  • I’ve heard that the Green Planet soup has an amazing taste… it has a rought texture but when you serve it with green chops it has a delicious taste!!! One thing’s for sure Monstro flavor will never be in my list of fav soups, EVERYTIME YOU OPEN IT! A substantian BUUUUURRPPP get’s out, and the room get’s all messy and smells funny, let’s leave that soup for the little robots…

  • Looks good :)

  • I’ve read that the Milky Way Galaxy Soup can is banned in our solar system since opening the can by an earthling might result in paranoia, anxiety, delusions and hallucinations