Profound Profilers

Profound Profilers


I am samurai programmer Sawa!

Now that the fresh new PixelJunk Inc. name has been announced, I think it’s time for some new fresh blog posts to go along with it!
I’d like to start posting some delicious programmery details on PixelJunk Inc. for you all to see.

So I suppose there are lots of people who wonder; what is game development like? What sort of people work on games? I’ll give a little bit of an introduction.

I’m a native of Kyoto! The Japan inside Japan! I haven’t visited overseas!

Ok, everyone feeling relaxed?

This week I’ve been working on optimization of some rendering systems.. lets look at this splendid screenshot of Inc.!

Wah! Lots of things here. What is all this?!
This is the PixelJunk profiler. What kind of things are going on here?



Uh-oh. It looks like some ninjas have snuck in here. I’ll have to leave it at that for today.

PixelJunk Inc.

We have a name. I feel more industrious now. Officially ‘incorporated’. :)

I’m really excited about making the Mac & Linux versions.  Once we get the first PC release up and running, they’re next on the list now. Just a matter of time. :) Also trying to figure out a way to get that Mod support for Steam Workshop in here somehow. Would be great to open up PixelJunk Inc. for the realz. :)

We might do more of these teaser trailers as the year rolls on. For this first outing though, we wanted to show off the co-op base building and soup pipeline management. Enjoy! And looking forward to chatting with everyone during the week at GDC. :D

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GDC robot stylez

GDC robot stylez

We’ve been busy leading up to GDC next week! PixelJunk 4am was nominated for an IGF Award for “Excellence in Audio”, so I’m heading over to San Francisco from Japan for the Award ceremony. We’ll also be showing off 4am in the IGF Pavilion from Wednesday to Friday alongside all the other awesome IGF Finalists. :D Feel free to come and chat to me about PixelJunk 1-6, 4am, or any of the other PixelJunk titles. Or just come say “Hi” if you’re around GDC. :D

I’ll also be handing out these cute robot cards we made just for GDC to anyone that asks for one. You can fold them into cool little robots, and there’s a nice surprise on the reverse-side. :)

So I’ve been speaking of some new reveals recently.. ..keep your eyes on GameSpot later today as they release the first coverage! I’ll update with a link here when it goes up. :)

Lasers straight from my heart

Lasers straight from my heart

Part of our visual evolution recently included the lasers. They’re much nicer to look at now than the debug raycast we had. :) All players start with the same mining laser that has a primary and alternate fire (ignore that he currently shoots straight from his chest. We haven’t done his mining laser art yet. :P)

Dematterising Laser: Primary fire of the standard mining laser everyone starts with. It disintegrates anything you point it at into usable ‘matter’. Good for drilling the environment and destroying unwanted buildings and blueprints.


Matterising Laser: The alternate fire is a matteriser, adding nano-particles of matter to whatever you point it at. Can be used to build blueprints, repair buildings and create dirt, all from the matter reserves you’re carrying.


GDC is getting really close now.. ..looking forward to chatting with people about PixelJunk 1-6! :D


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Tubes can deliver, direct to you!

Tubes can deliver, direct to you!

Tubes are cool. Specifically, late 19th century pneumatic tube messaging systems. :)

The tubes that went in this week can deliver ANYTHING you place into them from point A to point B. Simple as that. :D We felt that setting up farms was taking a bit of space, and often built our factories in a slightly removed location closer to the power generators. Tubes mean now we can just mail all our harvest right next to the factory and someone can collect it at that end for soup production.


The next step is to have robots deposit the ingredients in the tubes FOR us.. and collect them.. and process the soup. :D Only then can we humans sit back and marvel at our  robot automated soup making empire! …until something comes to destroy our base…


Deconstructor Om Nom Nom

Deconstructor Om Nom Nom

The deconstructor has taken on some personality! It looks kind of ominous now.. can’t wait to give it some animation. Deconstructors will disintegrate ANYTHING you drop into them and pump out ‘matter’ that you can use wherever you want. They’re hand operated, so no power is required. Om nom nom. :D


On a side note, our visual style has been evolving internally over the last few weeks. We’re still letting the dust settle before revealing too much :P, but we’ve become quite fond of this outline now. It adds nice definition to edges so you know where to jump from, grab ledges, etc and it looks just plain cool. As we’re using all vector data, we can also zoom in as much as we like without losing any fidelity! :D Some nicely timed zooms linked to gameplay when pulling levers, interacting with buildings, etc could be cool.

We’re already VERY busy in the lead up to GDC. I’m sure there’ll be even more for everyone to see very soon. :)