They call him YAMATRON.

They call him YAMATRON.


Beep beep! Beep!

Wait! Waiit!

You came all the way to here to visit out blog,
but the Inc. team is in Seattle for PAX!

There is a famous baseball player in Seattle.
Do you know Ichiro?

But tonight, we can rewrite history.

Exotic Robotic Artist YAMATRON!!


Inc. is his world! The maelstrom of his imagination!
He created over 4000 robots in his lifetime.

Any people who come to PAX, please come meet YAMATRON at
the Indie MEGABOOTH !! You can receive SPECIAL YAMATRON GOODS!


I must go! My child is calling! I’m house-sitting Japan today.


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Incoming to PAX!

Incoming to PAX!

This time next week, we’ll be chatting with you guys at PAX Prime! I am approximately, EXCITED! >_<

Look for us under this gigantic PixelJunk banner. We’ll be in the Indie Megabooth on the corner, opposite Nintendo. We’re running two stations of Inc with split-screen local co-op, so 2×2 people can make soup!

Inc crew

This week = intense polish week. Mainly stability and bug fixes to ensure the floor build is ready for everyone. Not too many surprises. Also looking forward to the precious game-design data points we’ll be harvesting from all the fresh players we watch.

And here’s two bugs Kalin fixed this week. Maybe they weren’t bugs…

  • Stopped robots from getting caught in an infinite loop of bowing to each other.
  • Stopped robots from picking the player up and try to put them into the Soup Factory like an ingredient.

See you guys next week!




Hello!! I’m the beer & robot loving artist Yamatron!

This week, I finished making the design of the event goods for PAX!
We are relieved to finish in time for departure. Next week you can see more information on the blog. This is one cover design idea of the Limited Edition PAX Inc. comic!

And our information was posted on the “INDIE MEGABOOTH”!

I’m looking forward to meeting many peoples!


Tooling for PAX

Tooling for PAX

PAX in 3 weeks. It is insanely close now. We had to take time and do a little compatibility work for our Indie Megabooth target hardware this week. The upside is, it’s given us a jumpstart to support for some slightly older machines.

Anyway, TOOLS! We’ve been tidying up lots of systems this week in anticipation of PAX. Cutting back on some ideas that are still a little rough-edged, and polishing up the fun stuff. Here’s a few tools that will be making an appearance at PAX (assuming you research them). You can build them at your factories.



If you want to dig large areas or some tough rock fast, you want one of these. Just don’t get carried away. :)

Beam Sword


You can take on way more enemies personally with one of these. The extra range adds safety and there’s small combos with an uppercut for extra damage.

We’ll have LOTS of Inc related swag to give away at PAX, so come say “Hi”! Details of the swag to come in the following weeks.



Hellow Yellow !

Hellow  Yellow !

I’m the beer & robot loving artist Yamatron!
This week, I tried to test the color & BG of different Inc worlds.

I like old Sci-Fi comic’s strange colorful feeling and I wanted to have an atmosphere similar in the world of Inc.

There are currently no mechanism for color change of the world, but I tried with a replacement of the image.

My recommendation is yellow world with root of huge trees! I feel pleasant when running!
Below is the test screen shots. Which ones do you like?








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