Soup Enders Game

Soup Enders Game

“What’s the end of the game?”

There’s some ongoing ideas that we’ve mentioned, but let’s discuss a few more here just to see what comes up.

The original idea for turning the local fauna & flora into soup came from a restaurant concept, where players would shoot the soup into customers’ mouths until they exploded from gluttony. Then used their corpses for yet more soup. Deliciously macabre!

The restaurant was meant to be the bait to lure customers in, but galactic food tourism could work too.


Design-wise, this could create some weird balances between the player and their primary income source (you have to use your main export as tower ammo?). It might also discourage exploration as you can just call down your ingredients. Still, it’s an idea!

This also creates awkward questions from the local galactic police. What if they were the waves of enemies you needed to fight back with towers and defense?


So our original end-game idea is still that you eventually make your own soup company and ‘go indie’. That’s still on the table. How about this one from Yamatron though. To escape your soup making forced labour, you eventually research a secret soup factory where you can turn YOURSELF into soup. Then launch yourself into space to escape your  punishing salary-man existence!


Again, all just ideas, but ideas don’t impact development. To actually implement any of these would require lots of design gaps to be filled in though. Still.. it keeps coming up. Bad ideas tend to just get left behind and forgotten. When you ‘chasing the fun’ though, the best things are just unstoppable magnets, and people swarm to them.



Hi there!   I’m the beer & robot loving artist Yamatron!

It was first overseas trip,  it was the first PAX! Very good fans & experience!
The roads, the Coke, the food, all BIG! Many various beers!

I was glad because I handed-out all these goods!


pax_imageThe good news is that many people know Pixeljunk, many people said “looking forward to Inc!”. I also met with various game developers and got the energy! I will do my best!!!

We heard much feedback at PAX and I got back into development this week!
In order to strengthen more the impression of “soup”, I’m doing the art work of soup factories.


Until next week, MAKE SOUP!!


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Wow.. PAX. was. insane! o.O

The reception for PixelJunk Inc was amazing! Thanks to everyone who stopped by to play and picked up some of our awesome schwag. We got completely cleaned out, so if any of you got any loot hold onto it. It’s now limited edition!

Everyone was so nice and friendly. The PAX vibe is infectiously positive and the Indie MEGABOOTH felt like a huge family. Everyone’s games look great and I can’t wait to play them all. Indie Megabooth went OFF! :D


Here we are completely exhausted after 4-days of non stop PAX epicness! Again a big thanks to everyone who stopped by and played Inc. Also thanks to our personal Enforcer in blue, Hillary! You rocked. :)

News has been going up over the week and I suspect a little more could trickle out over the weekend. There’s plenty of gameplay videos out there now so check them out. :)


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