A Deluge of Dev!

A Deluge of Dev!

Astroworkers! This week the biggest typhoon in ages was supposed to hit Japan, but after some rain last night the only thing assaulting us is HEAT!

As we talked about in last week’s post, the team’s hard at work on expanding Nom Nom Galaxy for our next big update.

Let’s check in on our programmer, Sawa!

  Programmer Sawa-san "Arrgggghhh! Robo-shacho!!!!!!!!!" (Looks like he's having some problems...)

“Arrrghhh! Robo-shacho!!!!!”

Looks like he’s having some problems… Perhaps our artist, Yamatron, is faring better!

“Tomaty Soup is cool, but I could really use a beer about now…”

Tikiman: “It’s not even noon!”

Let’s peek in on a team meeting!

“Egon’s a cold planet, so wouldn’t the mammoth be extinct?”

(What the hell are y’all talking about? What about the forum feedback!?)

Ah, that! Yeah, there have been some heated conversations within the team about feedback. There’s a new soup era coming and everyday is filled with us going back and forth over gameplay particulars. We should have some cool stuff for everyone in the next update. Expect us to bring even more delicious flavors to the table!

Nom Nom Galaxy!!!!

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