And then there was two!

And then there was two!

We implemented local co-op testing this week with a gamepad. It’s not too great though..’s awesome! :)

There’s nothing quite like building & exploring alongside friends. This isn’t new to anyone of course. But it’s our first step towards full blown Steam online play for as many players as we can manage. I’d love to see 20+ players one day tending to a base and defending it all together! ><

We also trialed a kind of “survival mode” this week. You start naked with zero resources and have to just use the environment around you to create safety & wealth. After about an hour of 2P we had a respectable mushroom farm & soup pipeline. Although.. the mushrooms can get a bit out of hand at the moment if you don’t harvest them regularly. ^^;

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  1. It’s good to hear that local and online co-op are both in the mix this time around. from all I’ve seen of this game, it seems like co-op would be a blast!

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