Astroworkers Holiday = Tiki Tiki Galaxy?!?

Astroworkers Holiday = Tiki Tiki Galaxy?!?

Astroworkers have it tough! Between making soup, environmental hazards, pesky aliens, rival soup companies trying to assassinate them, there’s precious little time to kick back and enjoy the ‘soups’ of their labor.

Luckily, Astroworkers Union United did manage to wangle some R n’ R time out of Robo-shacho for the beleaguered soup meisters – April 1st! And filling in while the Astroworkers take a load off is one of the PixelJunk Galaxy’s finest: Tikiman!


We’re not sure how Tikiman made it from his island home to the stars. Perhaps he’s learned how to dance spaceships into existence…


In any case, while the Astroworkers rest on April 1st, Tikiman will be holding down the factory!

Tikiman will be returning to his island shortly, so don’t miss out on a chance make soup with the Tiki family!

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