Enemy Nests

Enemy Nests

Hi there! I’m the beer & robot loving artist Yamatron!

IGF build was a goal last week that we successfully submitted!! Yay!

Objective this week is to add the alive feeling to the world, the concept of the nest of the enemy (also some decorations the player can’t collect) to give a different atmosphere from other areas.

I’m thinking about nests where enemies are born and surrounding cave decorations. I want to think of different design depending on each type.



open the door!

open the door!

Hi there! I’m the beer & robot loving artist Yamatron!

I was thinking of ideas to enhance the effects to be more dynamic this week. Things like the representation of building damage, or where to put items… This week Design is here! The door!

The purpose, to emphasize the difference of the world inside and outside the base more! Is not fixed to be like any spec yet (such as Enemy can use? for example). It is a test of what looks feel good.

I want to implement! Until next week, OPEN THE BEER!




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Hi there!   I’m the beer & robot loving artist Yamatron!

It was first overseas trip,  it was the first PAX! Very good fans & experience!
The roads, the Coke, the food, all BIG! Many various beers!

I was glad because I handed-out all these goods!


pax_imageThe good news is that many people know Pixeljunk, many people said “looking forward to Inc!”. I also met with various game developers and got the energy! I will do my best!!!

We heard much feedback at PAX and I got back into development this week!
In order to strengthen more the impression of “soup”, I’m doing the art work of soup factories.


Until next week, MAKE SOUP!!


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Hello!! I’m the beer & robot loving artist Yamatron!

This week, I finished making the design of the event goods for PAX!
We are relieved to finish in time for departure. Next week you can see more information on the blog. This is one cover design idea of the Limited Edition PAX Inc. comic!

And our information was posted on the “INDIE MEGABOOTH”!

I’m looking forward to meeting many peoples!


Hellow Yellow !

Hellow  Yellow !

I’m the beer & robot loving artist Yamatron!
This week, I tried to test the color & BG of different Inc worlds.

I like old Sci-Fi comic’s strange colorful feeling and I wanted to have an atmosphere similar in the world of Inc.

There are currently no mechanism for color change of the world, but I tried with a replacement of the image.

My recommendation is yellow world with root of huge trees! I feel pleasant when running!
Below is the test screen shots. Which ones do you like?








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Make office!

Make office!

It’s been a long time! I’m the beer & robot loving artist Yamatron!
This week, I will write about how I create a design implementation plan of the “office” building. The Office building if the first to come out in the game. Here, you can check soup recipes, or receive a command from the Soup Co. RoboExec says “Make soup!”. The “office” is actually a spacecraft sending all players from Soup Co Central office to their planet.

Flow of design:

1 Rough sketch

2 Created in illustrator

3 Fit the image of the game in Photoshop. (outline+texture)

4.Try to put the material into games. (I also create parts to animate here.)

5 Modification from design feedback.


I want to write more detail of these steps again sometime! Various buildings will still come, so enjoy!!


New gallery page!

New gallery page!

Hello! I am drunk robotic artist Yamatron!

We added a gallery page this week! !

You can see early concepts, the magazine “Astronote” in the galaxy of Inc., comics and more and more.

We hope you can use it while enjoying strange space travel with beer in one-hand! (all right! even coke and pizza!)

I will continue to update. please check! :D


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Friday Robot Time

Friday Robot Time

Hello! I was working on a menu around with Sawa this week. Looks like still much to be done.

Today’s topic is the story of robot GIFs attached to the end of the blog post every time. I make a robot that was imagined from the contents of the article by noon every Friday. Motto is, as much as possible, laugh!

How to make simple:

1. illustrator make frames the image of the original

2. photoshop make animation& export to GIF.

That’s it. I tried to also capture part of illustrator work this time, see if you like. Theme is “Rocket bot!” GOGOGO!

See you next week!


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Bend the world!

Bend the world!

Drink beer everyday,everynight ~♪
Good beer after work! One more please!

hello! I am drunk robotic artist Yamamura!

I am happy to announce PixelJunk Inc.  I tell to you something about new art style. Well, from the self-introduction, like last week Sawa, I am also Japanese! ! But I am single! Sawa envy… …there is only drink beer!

Beer-can mountain just grows like that, but, of course, I make the many art! This time, it is the story of the world’s distortion.



Although you’ve seen many other world, Inc. has been bent a little from the early days. We will get the entire screen distorted, give the atmosphere of a mysterious planet! I tried to create a sample that has a few different angle distortion, we tried among the actual game prototype.

40 degrees feels round planet, but I was feeling a little drunk. We think 3 degrees is good for play!

Tiles pop out, looks like paper texture of the screen? I will talk of something like that next time also.

ok! I finished work and I drink some beer with robot!