Bend the world!

Bend the world!

Drink beer everyday,everynight ~♪
Good beer after work! One more please!

hello! I am drunk robotic artist Yamamura!

I am happy to announce PixelJunk Inc.  I tell to you something about new art style. Well, from the self-introduction, like last week Sawa, I am also Japanese! ! But I am single! Sawa envy… …there is only drink beer!

Beer-can mountain just grows like that, but, of course, I make the many art! This time, it is the story of the world’s distortion.



Although you’ve seen many other world, Inc. has been bent a little from the early days. We will get the entire screen distorted, give the atmosphere of a mysterious planet! I tried to create a sample that has a few different angle distortion, we tried among the actual game prototype.

40 degrees feels round planet, but I was feeling a little drunk. We think 3 degrees is good for play!

Tiles pop out, looks like paper texture of the screen? I will talk of something like that next time also.

ok! I finished work and I drink some beer with robot!


6 thoughts on “Bend the world!

  1. これは面白いですね。ブログに行って書いてありがとう。間もなく山村さんを帰ったい。ごめん、俺の日本語はとても悪いです。

    It’s really interesting to hear each of the developers come here to talk about small cool details like this one. I imagine it’s tough, especially since it seems that Yamamura (and others possibly others as well) aren’t highly proficient in English.

    With that in mind, I really appreciate you guys taking the time to post here. It’s always an interesting read!


    • 読んでもらってありがとうございます!
      I will post again :)
      I agree so much!>ビールは一番旨い!

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