BIG Award!! Nom Nom Galaxy Update (ver. 00.06)

So last week we were screaming ‘goal’ for practice, but now it’s actually appropriate!



Nom Nom Galaxy was awarded Best Game Award at Brazil’s Independent Games Festival!

Doin' it Big in Brazil!

Doin’ it BIG in Brazil

We’re honored to receive the award, especially considering some of the great indies we were up against. Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime (my personal favorite at the show) grabbed the Best Gameplay Award, and Gorogoa took home the Best Art award.

The festival was amazing. We had the opportunity to play some great games, including a bunch of incredible indie games developed by studios here in Brazil. Some of the standouts included Aritana (which won the People’s Choice prize), Ninjin , Chroma Squad, Like a Boss! (Brazilian Games Winner), and Headblaster.


We want to thank all the folks at BIG Festival for putting on a great conference. It truly was a pleasure to come and share our soup with the PixelJunk fans here in Brazil. This award will only motivate us to make Nom Nom Galaxy even better!

In honor of the award, we’ve got a special treat for this week’s update: a new map! The new map is much wider than any of the previous maps, so there may be some issues (i.e, crashing) that occur when you build super large bases. Let us know if you experience any problems!

Update Notes:

  • When you are riding in a vehicle through a corridor, you can now press “↓” to pass through intersections to reach lower levels of the base.
  • Fixed a bug that affected buoyancy of the vehicles when traveling through vertical corridors and caused vehicles to get stuck.
  • The title screen has gotten a new “BIG” update
  • Add new experimental wide stage, BIG Land

See you next week!

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