B.I.G Flower! Nom Nom Galaxy Update (ver. 00.03)

B.I.G Flower! Nom Nom Galaxy Update (ver. 00.03)

Hello! Lead Artist Yamatron here with your weekly update!

Last week we modified the oxygen so that it causes plants to grow faster. This week we”ve further expanded that concept!

When you enter one of Nom Nom”s strange worlds, you”ll find that a new special plant has invaded the biosphere! This new plant, the OxyFlower, produces large amounts of oxygen as it grows. Astroworkers who find and harvest this rare plant will be able to set up fast growing farms at the place of their choosing. You can also use casino online it to make new recipes!









This update also has our first update for language support: Portuguese!
“Wait… Why Portuguese,” you might be asking yourself.

Well, we”re excited to announce that Nom Nom Galaxy was recently nominated for THREE awards at the upcoming Brazil Independent Games Festival! Nom Nom Galaxy will compete in the Best Art, Best Gameplay, and Best Game categories. We”re honored to be competing against games such as Tengami, Secrets of Rætikon, The Stanley ParableGorogoa, and many other great indie games. Of course, Q-Games will be at the festival that week to show off our cooking prowess! Wish us luck!

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