Lots of gameplay & price balancing happened this week. A combination of the new natural mushroom growth system, clones (lives) costing money and the new buildings going in meant some balancing has been needed for about a week. Using the matter conversion rate of dirt as a base, Tier 1 buildings are now achievable with some early exploration and deconstruction of things. :)

The only problem has been, I’ll sit down and start playing.. then suddenly 2 hours are gone and it’s lunchtime. o.O Cultivating and then defending my mushroom farm is pretty addictive at the moment.


Also, I’d like to introduce the BANE of your generators if you leave them undefended. These blowfish creatures currently spawn in waves deep underground and seek out your base, eventually arriving to MESS IT UP. They don’t even have any particular programmed motivation to aim specifically for generators, but always seem to destroy them first..  which leaves my towers unpowered. They’re probably attracted to the energy hum.. ..stupid blowfish… -_-


2 thoughts on “Blowfish..

  1. Maybe you should have them seeking out generators as an actual mechanic, it seems like something that would totally happen. Like, the more power you have going around your compound, the more of these guys show up because they’re attracted to the electricity or such.

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