Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, Astroworkers!

There are lots of updates in the works for version 0.20 but for now we’re just reveling in galactic soup treats! Stay safe while celebrating the holiday but beware the pumpkins!



As I said, version 0.20 is just around the corner and there are a host of improvements in store. The community on Steam has been really active the past week, and we’re taking much of those suggestions to heart for future updates. So if you’ve got suggestions on how to improve Nom Nom Galaxy, join in the discussion on our Steam CommunityFacebook, or Twitter! See you next time!

Nom Nom Galaxy T-Shirt contest!

Nom Nom Galaxy T-Shirt contest!

Welcome back, Astroworkers!

As promised, we’re back this week with another grab bag of PixelJunk to give away! Last week we released wild Nom Nom Galaxy Early Access keys on to the Twitter-verse, but this week we’re going with something a little more tangible.

Tshirts_final_5colorNom Nom Galaxy T-Shirts!

We’re taking Nom Nom Galaxy to PAX Prime next month and we’re celebrating with some new gear. Yamatron made some awesome designs, but there can be only one! We’re asking for a little help picking the final design from our fellow Astroworkers.

Of course, we wouldn’t leave you guys out in the cold without a shirt on your back, so we’ve got three fabulous ways for you to get your own.


Head over to Facebook where you can vote for your favorite everyday. We’ll choose five Astroworkers at random to get one of these rare Nom Nom shirts.

The second way you can put your name into the soup pot is to follow us @PixelJunkNews on Twitter and watch out for tweets telling you to RT the contest URL. We’ll pick five more Astroworkers from those RTs to get the latest in PixelJunk fashion.

Finally, we’ll bring a bunch of t-shirts to PAX Prime next month for some lucky Astroworkers who can demonstrate their soup shipping prowess!

This contest will run until 11:59pm PST on August 3rd!

A Deluge of Dev!

A Deluge of Dev!

Astroworkers! This week the biggest typhoon in ages was supposed to hit Japan, but after some rain last night the only thing assaulting us is HEAT!

As we talked about in last week’s post, the team’s hard at work on expanding Nom Nom Galaxy for our next big update.

Let’s check in on our programmer, Sawa!

  Programmer Sawa-san "Arrgggghhh! Robo-shacho!!!!!!!!!" (Looks like he's having some problems...)

“Arrrghhh! Robo-shacho!!!!!”

Looks like he’s having some problems… Perhaps our artist, Yamatron, is faring better!

“Tomaty Soup is cool, but I could really use a beer about now…”

Tikiman: “It’s not even noon!”

Let’s peek in on a team meeting!

“Egon’s a cold planet, so wouldn’t the mammoth be extinct?”

(What the hell are y’all talking about? What about the forum feedback!?)

Ah, that! Yeah, there have been some heated conversations within the team about feedback. There’s a new soup era coming and everyday is filled with us going back and forth over gameplay particulars. We should have some cool stuff for everyone in the next update. Expect us to bring even more delicious flavors to the table!

Nom Nom Galaxy!!!!

As always, please let us know what you think in the comments here, on our Steam CommunityFacebook, or Twitter! See you next week!

Astroworkers Holiday = Tiki Tiki Galaxy?!?

Astroworkers Holiday = Tiki Tiki Galaxy?!?

Astroworkers have it tough! Between making soup, environmental hazards, pesky aliens, rival soup companies trying to assassinate them, there’s precious little time to kick back and enjoy the ‘soups’ of their labor.

Luckily, Astroworkers Union United did manage to wangle some R n’ R time out of Robo-shacho for the beleaguered soup meisters – April 1st! And filling in while the Astroworkers take a load off is one of the PixelJunk Galaxy’s finest: Tikiman!


We’re not sure how Tikiman made it from his island home to the stars. Perhaps he’s learned how to dance spaceships into existence…


In any case, while the Astroworkers rest on April 1st, Tikiman will be holding down the factory!

Tikiman will be returning to his island shortly, so don’t miss out on a chance make soup with the Tiki family!

Incoming to PAX!

Incoming to PAX!

This time next week, we’ll be chatting with you guys at PAX Prime! I am approximately, EXCITED! >_<

Look for us under this gigantic PixelJunk banner. We’ll be in the Indie Megabooth on the corner, opposite Nintendo. We’re running two stations of Inc with split-screen local co-op, so 2×2 people can make soup!

Inc crew

This week = intense polish week. Mainly stability and bug fixes to ensure the floor build is ready for everyone. Not too many surprises. Also looking forward to the precious game-design data points we’ll be harvesting from all the fresh players we watch.

And here’s two bugs Kalin fixed this week. Maybe they weren’t bugs…

  • Stopped robots from getting caught in an infinite loop of bowing to each other.
  • Stopped robots from picking the player up and try to put them into the Soup Factory like an ingredient.

See you guys next week!




Hello!! I’m the beer & robot loving artist Yamatron!

This week, I finished making the design of the event goods for PAX!
We are relieved to finish in time for departure. Next week you can see more information on the blog. This is one cover design idea of the Limited Edition PAX Inc. comic!

And our information was posted on the “INDIE MEGABOOTH”!

I’m looking forward to meeting many peoples!


Feedback Friday!

Feedback Friday!

Our first time player experience has been the focus again this week! We’re still working to make Inc more accessible and easily understood by first time players (looking forward to everyone getting some hands-on time at PAX!).

Aside from the expected hovering icons & highlights, one of the more interesting additions has been the new blueprint feedback. Blueprints now show the amount of remaining matter required to build, and update live while you spray matter into them.


And here’s some super-secret footage of us working away on a Friday!

Friday and Kalin programmin’ the soups!

Friday and Yamatron drawin’ the soups!

Friday and me thinkin’ the soups!