Nom Nom Galaxy 1 Month Anniversary: Let it Grow!

Nom Nom Galaxy 1 Month Anniversary: Let it Grow!

Hello everyone! Beer-chuggin’ artist Yamamura here with this week’s update! Folks looking to build their own farms will find this week’s update particularly helpful!

Ver. 00.02
Substantial changes have been made to the way that oxygen pockets affect plants:

  • Plants in oxygen will now grow at an accelerated rate
  • Any plants in the oxygen pocket will not disappear when the day changes
  • We’ve randomized resets of plants and animals outside of the oxygen pockets
  • Oxygen will now expand past ladders
  • Astroworkers can now plant vines! While holding an appropriate plant, jump towards the ceiling and press the ‘plant’ button


This week marks the one month anniversary of our Early Access launch. It’s been an eye-opening experience, to say the least! Our first order of business has been making sure that everyone can have a go at making their own soupy base. And to that end, we’ve been hard at work improving compatibility, fixing bugs, and optimizing code. We know that we’ve still got a long way to go! We want to hear your feedback, so feel free to jump into the Nom Nom Galaxy Community on Steam and let us know what you think. You can also upload screens of cool bases or fan art and we’ll be sure to share it on Twitter and Facebook!

Most importantly, we’d like to thank all of the fans that believe in PixelJunk and Nom Nom Galaxy. We’ve come so far in the month with your help! We appreciate everyone that takes time to report bugs, offer feedback, and posts videos or screenshots. Thanks to you the soup is getting more delicious each week!



Vehicular POWER UP! Nom Nom Galaxy Ver 00.01

Vehicular POWER UP! Nom Nom Galaxy Ver 00.01

Welcome back! Beer-loving artist Yamatron here! The weather is getting warmer, which makes the beer that much more delicious! But enough about beer! Let’s get into this week’s updates!

You can now hold items while using vehicles!


When the building maintenance menu is opened, it will now highlight the building that you are modifying.


A clock will now appear when the day is drawing to a close. Make sure you finish your work!

A new naming convention [ver 00.00] for the versions will now appear on the title screen. (I know that has everyone SUPER excited! ^_^)

Here are this week’s bug smashes:

  • Fixed bug that would cause the game to crash when the player died.
  • Fixed menu bug for “throw”, “eat” and “plant”
  • Fixed bugs causing some displays icons, such as “throw” to appear when those actions aren’t possible.
  • Replaced all controller help icons with proper icons when using keyboard + mouse, i.e, switching weapons and rotating blueprints.
  • Fixed bug causing players to stop moving when opening the maintenance menu while on a ladder.
  • Disclaimer notice when launching the game will now only display in the language the game is set to.
  • Operating instructions will now only display in the language the game is set to.

And that’s what we have for this week! It’s almost been a month since we started Early Access. We’ve received a ton of feedback – both praise and criticism! We’re grateful to all of our Early Access Astroworkers! Thank you for the help and we’ll continue working hard to make Nom Nom Galaxy the amazing title we know it can be. More delicious things are on the way!

Nom Nom GALAXY!!!
Nom Nom GALAXY!!!
Nom Nom GALAXY!!!

Spring is in the air! Nom Nom Galaxy Update: r55313

Spring is in the air! Nom Nom Galaxy Update: r55313

Hey! Your friendly neighborhood beer-loving designer Yamatron here. Cherry blossoms are in full bloom in Kyoto this time of year. It’s the perfect time to crack open a beer and enjoy the beauty of nature!

It’s also a great time to enjoy Nom Nom Galaxy!

This was a short week for us – Q-Games had a little spring break to enjoy the cherry blossoms – so there are only a few updates and bug fixes.


  • Weapons will now automatically equip when picked up.

Action Icons!

  • We’re testing out a new UI interface with context sensitive icons on the left side of the screen for both keyboard + mouse and controller players. Please let us know what you think. At the moment, vehicle actions haven’t been implemented.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug causing weapon batteries, like the sword, to incorrectly reset after a player dropped and then re-equipped them.
  • Fixed a bug causing building maintenance menus to become stuck on the screen under some conditions, like using them while riding a vehicle.
  • Some buildings were magically receiving power while disconnected from the main base. This has been fixed.
    1. Recipe Maker
    2. Shot Tower
    3. Missile Tower
  • Fixed a bug causing soup rockets to remain hovering in the air upon return if the Soup Launcher lost power.

See you next week!sakurabot

Window to the Galaxy – NNG Early Access Update r55304

Window to the Galaxy - NNG Early Access Update r55304
The update this week should give you some more options with which to view the Galaxy! Playing in a window is now supported!
This should help some folks attempting to make videos or having trouble with their fps.


Update Notes
  • Full-screen and Windowed Mode now available via the Options menu. *Switching between windowed/full-screen mode requires a game restart now. This will be addressed in a later update
  • Fixed bug that caused text and asset clipping when in displaying at 1920×1080 resolution
  • Fixed bug that allowed ladder to be built through the roofs of buildings
  • Fixed Save system bugs
  • Robo-shacho messages will now only display if you start a new tutorial
  • Hints that have already been displayed will not reappear after loading a save game
  • Items you are holding will now be persistent through saves

Finally, the Astroworkers United Union contract with Soup Co. stipulates that all Astroworkers have April 1st off for quiet reflection, pranks, and more reflection on the consequences of their pranks. Meaning, Nom Nom Galaxy will be Astroworker-less on April 1st! If only there was someone who could feed the hungry citizens of the Galaxy!


The Keyboard Conundrum

The Keyboard Conundrum

So we went into Early Access without getting the keyboard and mouse support fulling implemented! It’s a brave new frontier for us here! Just wanted to let everyone know that this is being worked on now and give you an update on what we’re doing here. We’ve been so focused on other things that we completely dropped the ball on KB+M support. We’ve still got a lot of PlayStation blood running through our veins, it seems…

Above: Tomi & Sawa discuss different control layouts for KB+M.

This is what is being worked on today!

  • Add mouse collision detection to places like the main menu, dialogue boxes, pause menu, etc.
  • Updating the key-mapping for KB+M to reflect current gameplay. Most of the current key-mapping is old, hence the lack of some abilities via KB+M.
  • Creating in-game KB+M guide
  • Support for the case that the controller is removed, the KB+M will become the default control scheme in single player scenario
  • Redesign top menu for instances where the isn’t a controller (for example, disabling 2P until a controller is plugged in.)
  • Add menu options for switching between KB+M and controller controls

Above: Yamatron schools me on different assets we need to create. Below: Adding mouse collision for the main menu.

We’ll be pushing through this today. Hopefully we’ll have an update ready tonight. In the mean time, #SWAGnacious has assembled a guide of sorts for the current KB+M controls.