Charlie and the Chowdown Factory! Nom Nom Galaxy Update (Ver. 0.12)

Yaho, Astroworkers! p0rk1ns here with another weekly update!

Charles & Charlie are the lifeblood of any factory. Without their hard work, you’d be lugging all of your ingredients and soup around- but you’ve got better things to do! Our most dedicated of factory robots have received some great updates this week that will make them even better helpers in our conquest of the galaxy!

For starters, previously Charlie & Charles, consummate workers that they are, would continuously walk in the same direction when you put them down. We’ve updated their circuits so that when you put them down now they will continue along the direction that you are facing (or the direction of your mouse cursor).

No, go THAT WAY!

No, go THAT WAY!

Their dedication to making soup also caused some weird behavioral bugs that have been squashed, too. When trying to get past our new traffic robot Jimmy, C&C would sometimes get stuck walking past him. We’ve tidied up their “Respect My Authoritah!” code and they’ll now follow Jimmy’s instruction to the letter.

Respect my authoritah!

Respect My Authoritah!

Finally, we’ve made improvements to the HUD to help you understand just what your dastardly rivals are up to. When customers receive shipments of rivals soups, you’ll now see their reaction, for example “Yummy!”, and you’ll see the percentage that their market share has increased.

Update Notes

  • The HUD will now display customers reactions to your rivals soups and how much market percentage each gains.
  • After picking up Charlie & Charles, they will now start walking in the direction that are facing when you place them.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause Charlie & Charles to get stuck when trying to deliver something past Jimmy.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause Charlie & Charles to get stuck when encountering a hole in their path.

We want to remind everyone that you can still submit your data to us if you’d like to see your company in the game as a rival soup company! Check out our announcement on Steam for more details.

We also did an interview with GameRamble about some of our influences for Nom Nom Galaxy!

As always, please let us know what you think in the comments here, on our Steam CommunityFacebook, or Twitter! See you next week!

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