Crash landing at PAX

Crash landing at PAX

Only one month left till PAX!! It’s starting to loom really ominous now in the near distance, and we still have so much to do! We spent this week AGAIN working on usability and first-time player experience.

Starting the game now has you fall from orbit in your rocket ship which explodes shortly after crashing. It serves no functional purpose, but provides precious context for people who just picked up the controller and want to play! We want players to feel abandoned together on this strange alien world moments after their wreckage has exploded.

You can also melt your own ship wreckage down into matter if you want. :)


We also added a transceiver as a test this week. It’s still rough but we like the space it occupies so far. Having a direct line of communication to the player is handy for delivering info but, you don’t want it to annoy them while they’re playing. The transceiver only mentions player-reaction dependent events and does so quietly in the corner of the screen.


One month to go and we’ll be at the Indie Megabooth at PAX! EXCITED! :D