Disco Fever Soup

Disco Fever Soup

Hello brave world. 2014 is going to be a big year for Inc. Year of the soup! :)

Let’s get straight to it with one of the experiments we were running at the end of last year. We call it “Fever Time” (like disco fever). After a few cycles of shipping soup you hit this ‘fever time’ where all buildings and robots work extra hard to the disco beats.


Good points here are that it gives players a visible short-term goal to anticipate and prepare for. It’s also fun to ship HEAPS of soup in one cycle with a bustling visual feel.

It does feel a little counter-intuitive to play though, as it diminishes the value of shipping soup in the prior cycle. You know without doing anything you can just ship 4x more soup cans next cycle, so I find myself doing more preparatory jobs and laying the groundwork for the huge shipment to come. It’s definitely new gameplay, but I’m not sure if it’s additive or destructive yet.

Tests will continue. Disco robots never die!