Easy play. Easy fun!

Easy play. Easy fun!

This week we nailed a backlog of small usability issues that have been annoying us. Niggly things that don’t stop you playing, but just make it less fun. :( And because they’re not critical they tend to back up.. until we come and clean house! :D

One of the more notable additions was shift+clicking to build multiple buildings of the same type. This is a common control in RTS games and now we have it I’m not sure how we ever got by without it. o.O Just hold down shift and stamp away with the blueprints.

An edge grab has gone in too. Without changing the actual jump height, you can now reach 1 block higher by grabbing the lip and jumping up (or just dropping from the lip to fall safely). It’s made movement in the world just feel easier and more fun (these are good things).

Get ready for the launch.

Our final large(ish) change for this week was the launchpad building. This was discussed last week as part of splitting “Money” & “Matter” into 2 currencies. Load up a small amount of goods into the launchpad and BOOM, fire them into space for an anonymous buyer. It’s a cheap option with a lower sale price, until players choose to research a warehouse and upgrade their shipping facilities.

And don’t mind the colours this week. We’re just spamming. :P


2 thoughts on “Easy play. Easy fun!

  1. Oh man, love the idea of the Sub-space soup launcher.
    Also, hell yes cliff grab. It’s the little things that make the platforming great.

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