Enemy Nests

Enemy Nests

Hi there! I’m the beer & robot loving artist Yamatron!

IGF build was a goal last week that we successfully submitted!! Yay!

Objective this week is to add the alive feeling to the world, the concept of the nest of the enemy (also some decorations the player can’t collect) to give a different atmosphere from other areas.

I’m thinking about nests where enemies are born and surrounding cave decorations. I want to think of different design depending on each type.



5 thoughts on “Enemy Nests

  1. I love the look of this game! You’re achieving something very unique! Congratulations!

    And I like what you did with that red web in the background. It breaks the grid a little and that’s a good thing! Byebye!

  2. Nice designs, having enemy nests makes things a lot more organic than them just popping in out of the ether offscreen.

    • We’ve been testing both destructible and non-destructible so it remains to be seen.

      I think they should definitely be “harvest-able” though. Around mid-game, rather than run in fear from them anymore, I’ve been extending my base to bring them into the fold and farm them for increased soup production speed. o^_^o

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