Factory Automation 101

Factory Automation 101

Here’s a soup factory I made today (shortly before it was destroyed due to a bit of a power supply issue). Time to break it on down FUNKY style!


The farms for mushrooms and Tomatys are tucked away in the mountain on the right. Conveyor belts ferry ingredients into funnels (still debug with no art) which transfer them to adjacent buildings. The soup then gets carried to the waiting launchpads.

Next step was going to be building more factories and launchpads, to really scale up production. Would also have needed more greenhouses and a larger area for farming Tomatys to make enough soup.

Even with basic defenses it held out ok, but it turns out power generation was a insufficient. When I eventually got attacked and all the towers started shooting, the base immediately ran out of power and I got promptly overrun (still valiantly tried to hold it myself with fists of justice!). I probably shouldn’t scale up so quickly next time without appropriate power supply. ^^;


4 thoughts on “Factory Automation 101

  1. Oh my, what action.

    There’s something very Cortex Command-y about that gif, and I like that alot.

  2. I would like to read more about this; Are we looking at hamster wheels with robots running to generate power? Solar panels or natural gas refineries?
    Giant wheels that turn due to waterflow or just plain “Power buildings”? ^^

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