Feedback Friday!

Feedback Friday!

Our first time player experience has been the focus again this week! We’re still working to make Inc more accessible and easily understood by first time players (looking forward to everyone getting some hands-on time at PAX!).

Aside from the expected hovering icons & highlights, one of the more interesting additions has been the new blueprint feedback. Blueprints now show the amount of remaining matter required to build, and update live while you spray matter into them.


And here’s some super-secret footage of us working away on a Friday!

Friday and Kalin programmin’ the soups!

Friday and Yamatron drawin’ the soups!

Friday and me thinkin’ the soups!

1 thought on “Feedback Friday!

  1. Oh man, matter spraying? Like you’d see in Total Annihilation? Because that’s probably the single thing missing to make this GOTY for whenever it comes out.

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