Friday Robot Time

Friday Robot Time

Hello! I was working on a menu around with Sawa this week. Looks like still much to be done.

Today’s topic is the story of robot GIFs attached to the end of the blog post every time. I make a robot that was imagined from the contents of the article by noon every Friday. Motto is, as much as possible, laugh!

How to make simple:

1. illustrator make frames the image of the original

2. photoshop make animation& export to GIF.

That’s it. I tried to also capture part of illustrator work this time, see if you like. Theme is “Rocket bot!” GOGOGO!

See you next week!


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4 thoughts on “Friday Robot Time

  1. The little robots at the end of the article are always one of the neatest parts of the article. Thanks for sharing!

    Oh, also, you mention the song name in the video –
    Do you guys actually have a theme song for the game yet?

    • No, we haven’t decided on music yet. Every playtest we throw on something different from pop music, chiptunes, drum & bass, classical violin, to feel out a matching vibe for gameplay situations.

      We do have something musical in the works ^_- but for now we’ve matched some Electric Bends songs with Yamatron’s art spotlights!

  2. I love Vector Art and especially Illustrator, have been using it for years. Thanks for this making of video, it’s interesting to see how others approach this! Really inspiring. Love the little robots, too! :)

    • Thanks for looking!I also love vector art!
      and I like to enjoy in illustrator.
      I want to challenge the movie I’m making another one next time.

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