Galaxy is continue!

Galaxy is continue!

It’s only been a short week that has brought us to the end of our Earth year (yay for self-centre of the universe time keeping methods! :D). We managed to squeeze in damage for the poison gas, so it now brings swift death along with its funky smell. To mitigate the gaseous threat we’ve also added a regen building to let players heal (for a price). Neither of these are terribly pertinent yet though, as there is still no method for removing of “fixing” your gas problem, which is where the real fun in the gas will be. That is one of our first tasks for next year!

Yamamura has made a New Galaxy Year wallpaper for everyone! Guess what my current desktop background is… :D Enjoy your break everyone, and we’ll see you on the other side of the holiday season! Looking forward to Earth 2013! :D

4 thoughts on “Galaxy is continue!

  1. 今年も一年お疲れ様でした!

  2. I wonder if one of them could get the Special Soup’s recipe out if anything happens to the ship, for example, the ship catches fire and is about to collapse into that tiny moon! Maybe the robot should be glowing from fear to help the player navigate it through the ship as the camera is stuck and cannot zoom into the character !!

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