GDC robot stylez

GDC robot stylez

We’ve been busy leading up to GDC next week! PixelJunk 4am was nominated for an IGF Award for “Excellence in Audio”, so I’m heading over to San Francisco from Japan for the Award ceremony. We’ll also be showing off 4am in the IGF Pavilion from Wednesday to Friday alongside all the other awesome IGF Finalists. :D Feel free to come and chat to me about PixelJunk 1-6, 4am, or any of the other PixelJunk titles. Or just come say “Hi” if you’re around GDC. :D

I’ll also be handing out these cute robot cards we made just for GDC to anyone that asks for one. You can fold them into cool little robots, and there’s a nice surprise on the reverse-side. :)

So I’ve been speaking of some new reveals recently.. ..keep your eyes on GameSpot later today as they release the first coverage! I’ll update with a link here when it goes up. :)

4 thoughts on “GDC robot stylez

  1. I just snuck a peak at the trailer on GameSpot – everything is looking fantastic! I can’t wait to share my delicious soupy exports with my alien consumer friends!

  2. Very cool trailer, I’m all kinds of hyped now. The animations were kind of visibly unfinished at a few points, but obviously that’ll get ironed out. Great stuff.

    Also, I’m gonna go watch Attack of the Killer Tomatoes again, after that ending.

  3. The trailer is really awesome :) Glad to see the outlines now being colored and apparently a bit thinned, makes it look more polished. Also I love the overall planetary-curved look! And the music is all kinds of awesome :D

    Will you reach the magma core when you go very far deep down? :)

    • I’ll head down to the planetary core and let you know what I find… If you don’t hear from me for a week or two.. send help..

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