Ghost in the Machine: Nom Nom Galaxy Update (Ver. 0.08)

Ghost in the Machine: Nom Nom Galaxy Update (Ver. 0.08)

Welcome to another weekly update, Astroworkers!

This week’s updates are largely on the back-end of things in preparation for future updates. We’ve fixed some of the controller issues with the buzzsaw, which should make it easier to control for starters. Controlling the saw when it’s closer to you requires a lot less finesse, so you won’t  have problems destroying blocks directly next to you.

The other update is in preparation for allowing more competitive play between Nom Nom Galaxy players. Currently when you start a map, you’re constantly playing against ghost data of your previous play session. This was a work-around for a lack of reliable competitive AI. In a future update, we’ll be introducing a feature to allow you to see leaderboards of for each map and download the top ghost data from our best Soup Co. employees to compete against. There’s nothing like a little inter-office competition for motivation!


Update Notes

  • Fixed a bug which caused the buzzsaw to not appear when activated after immediately taking damage.
  • Adjusted control of buzzsaw. It should be easier to control at shorter distances.
  • Astroworkers can now collect matter and money while riding vehicles
  • Astroworkers will now take proper damage while riding vehicles
  • Ghost data system has been updated. Previously, when selecting “Continue” on a map a new ghost data file would be created. We’ve modified it to append your current ghost data. This is in preparation for a later update, which will allow for some asyncronus competitive elements.


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