GOOOOOOOOOAAAAAALLLL! Nom Nom Galaxy Update (ver. 00.05)

GOOOOOOOOOAAAAAALLLL! Nom Nom Galaxy Update (ver. 00.05)


(Sorry, just practicing for our Brazilian debut next week!)

Welcome to another weekly update for Nom Nom Galaxy, Astroworkers!

Golden Week, Japan’s string of national holidays every May, just finished and now we’re back to making soup. Because of the holidays, we’ve got another light update with a few bug fixes and optimisations. As I mentioned last week, we’re holding back the good stuff this month for bigger and badder updates come June. So hold your horses (soup rockets?) while we smash bugs!

Next week we’ll be at the Brazil Independent Games Festival in Sao Paulo, where Nom Nom is nominated for three awards: Best Gameplay, Best Art, and Best of Show. Wish us luck! Key an eye on Facebook and Twitter(@PixelJunkNews) for updates from the show!


Update Notes:

– PixelJunk logo has received a makeover for the BIG Festival.
– Fixed a bug when buying Hoverboard while standing inside a building, making it unable to ride.

That’s it for this week. Remember you can send you feedback to us here or in our Steam Community Group. We want to hear what you have to say!

See ya next week!

– p0rk1ns

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