Hellow Yellow !

Hellow  Yellow !

I’m the beer & robot loving artist Yamatron!
This week, I tried to test the color & BG of different Inc worlds.

I like old Sci-Fi comic’s strange colorful feeling and I wanted to have an atmosphere similar in the world of Inc.

There are currently no mechanism for color change of the world, but I tried with a replacement of the image.

My recommendation is yellow world with root of huge trees! I feel pleasant when running!
Below is the test screen shots. Which ones do you like?








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10 thoughts on “Hellow Yellow !

  1. This looks really cool, seems very similar to Terraria – which is awesome because I love that game. PixelJunk, I’m impressed! I think you should use all of the colors O.o they all look great.

  2. I’d have to say that the first one gives it a very alien planet feeling. #3 I like too, the trees have a look that makes me want to take a closer look, though that might be a problem if you can’t actually come across such trees during the actual game because ” What’s the deal with those trees in the space between worlds over there? ”

    Not really fond of the last two, though. It gives it a very cyber-hell look, which I’m pretty sure you’re not going for. Especially with the droopy monochrome sky combined with the textured shapes underneath, it looks more like complex stalactite systems in space inferno than an actual skyline.

    • Yeah I’m partial to the trees too. You should see it in motion with the gentle parallax.. :) There’s just something nice about traversing alien horizons.

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