Here Comes a New Challenger! Nom Nom Galaxy Update (Ver. 0.09)

Here Comes a New Challenger! Nom Nom Galaxy Update (Ver. 0.09)

Greetings once again, Astroworkers!


AstroNote Vol. 26

This week brings yet another round of glorious changes to improve company morale and productivity! Last week we hinted upcoming changes to expand the community and multiplayer aspects of Nom Nom Galaxy. We’ve continued on that journey in this patch with a few changes you’ll see when you update.



When you select a planet to play now, you’ll be taken to a screen that show a leaderboard for the planet. From this screen you’ll be able to select the rival company you’ll compete against. This ghost data will then be used to create your opponent. Previously, we used your most recent ghost data from a previous play session to create the MegaSoup Co. Now we’ll be using other Astroworker’s data, so you’ll have to step your game up!

Rival Company Select Screen

Because of the changes in the save system, any of your previous saved data will be lost. This means that if you had a game in progress before, it will disappear. We’re sorry to bulldoze your factories, but it’s all in the name of PROGRESS!

For now, we’re only using ghost data we’re collecting in the office. In the future, we’ll allow players to upload their ghosts to share with players around the galaxy.

Working Overtime

One of the features often requested is the ability to continue working on your base after you’ve reached 100& Market Share. Now when you conquer your rival, you’ll be taken back to the main menu where you can select “Continue Work” to keep working on your base. You’ll be given the option to select a new rival company and start the game over with your market share reset.



You can now spent money to reload your Missile and Shot towers! This will eliminate all of the dead towers littering bases.




Update Notes

  • In order to accommodate the new ghost data system, saved data from previous versions will not longer work.
  • Added Rival Company selection screen when you start work on a new planet. Select “Start “Work” after the planet selection screen to chose a rival.
  • Use LB and RB to switch rival sorting options on the Xbox 360 controller. Click the column to sort with a keyboard and mouse.
  • Players can now continue using their base after achieving 100% Market Share by selecting “Continue Work” from the menu.
  • Rival Company names now appear in the in game HUD
  • Added limit of 15 missiles to Missile Tower.
  • Missiles no longer go through walls.
  • Fixed some strange behavior for missiles.
  • Added a reload option to Missile and Shot Towers. Access the Maintenance Menu and press “Left on the d-pad” for controllers, or Q+A for mouse and keyboard users.
  • Fixed issues where rival’s graphs were not being saved correctly.


As always, please let us know what you think in the comments here, on our Steam Community, Facebook, or Twitter! See you next week!

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