I’m goin’ deeper underground

I'm goin' deeper underground

We’ve gone underground! As a test, we trialed a self-imposed a rule of, “you can only build underground” just to see how usable everything would be. Turns out there were lots of things that were annoying or just didn’t work when you try to build a subterranean base. :/ Most of the buildings were designed to work in open air, but digging tunnels and having dirt packed everywhere was choking usability. Its made us reconsider how interaction with a few things is being handled.

For example, the power plugs on the side of buildings. Normally you can plug/unplug power cables into them easily but, underground there’s dirt everywhere blocking their use. Caves-ins are also a problem unique to building a subterranean base. We’ve put in some simple strut columns for now you can build to prop up tunnels and caverns so your base doesn’t get crushed (much).

Self imposing limitations often forces a different playstyle out of your game. Thinking from a different angle can help make sure everything works regardless of how the player chooses to “play” your game. In our case, it’s also helping discover fun new areas of gameplay to build on!  I built a sky-base shortly after and struggled to stop everything plummeting to the ground. >< Maybe a problem for another week… We can’t anticipate ALL the ways players might try to build bases, but we should try to support as many designs as possible!

5 thoughts on “I’m goin’ deeper underground

  1. Oh man, you don’t know base building until you’ve made the infamous underwater base made of wood in a completely unlit cave.
    On the moon.

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