Incoming to PAX!

Incoming to PAX!

This time next week, we’ll be chatting with you guys at PAX Prime! I am approximately, EXCITED! >_<

Look for us under this gigantic PixelJunk banner. We’ll be in the Indie Megabooth on the corner, opposite Nintendo. We’re running two stations of Inc with split-screen local co-op, so 2×2 people can make soup!

Inc crew

This week = intense polish week. Mainly stability and bug fixes to ensure the floor build is ready for everyone. Not too many surprises. Also looking forward to the precious game-design data points we’ll be harvesting from all the fresh players we watch.

And here’s two bugs Kalin fixed this week. Maybe they weren’t bugs…

  • Stopped robots from getting caught in an infinite loop of bowing to each other.
  • Stopped robots from picking the player up and try to put them into the Soup Factory like an ingredient.

See you guys next week!


4 thoughts on “Incoming to PAX!

  1. Looking forward to meeting you guys! We’ll be in the MINIBOOTH (Addo Games, Robots Love Ice Cream) on Sunday and Monday. Safe travels!

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