Information is Power! Nom Nom Galaxy Update (ver. 0.10)

Information is Power! Nom Nom Galaxy Update (ver. 0.10)

Salutations, Astroworkers!

Your benevolent Middle Manager p0rkins, here. This week we have some cosmetic changes that will make pushing your soup cans into the hungry gullets of customers just a little bit easier!

Soup infoz!

Soup infoz!

The building menu now displays how many of each type of factory or soup rocket you have and lists the selling price on the galactic market. This will make planning your soup production much simpler. Found a recipe that sells for 50g or 150g? Make a farm and take advantage of it!

Other spiffy changes this week include highlighting objects you can interact with while you are standing next to them. When you’ve got a bunch of items laying around and break time is just around the corner, it’s best not to waste valuable seconds looking for the right ingredient!


Choices, choices...

Choices, choices…

Finally, since we love our robots and always treat them tenderly, we changed the “Throw” hint to “Drop” when carrying them.



Update Notes

  • Soup selling values now listed in the building menu
  • The number of buildings currently in your base will is now displayed in the building menu
  • Highlight targeting for “Pick up” items
  • Robots tool tip changed from “Throw” to “Drop”
  • Planet Egon has a new rival – BomSoup
  • Planet Alteria has a new rival – HuntingSoup


As always, please let us know what you think in the comments here, on our Steam Community, Facebook, or Twitter! See you next week!

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