Lasers straight from my heart

Lasers straight from my heart

Part of our visual evolution recently included the lasers. They’re much nicer to look at now than the debug raycast we had. :) All players start with the same mining laser that has a primary and alternate fire (ignore that he currently shoots straight from his chest. We haven’t done his mining laser art yet. :P)

Dematterising Laser: Primary fire of the standard mining laser everyone starts with. It disintegrates anything you point it at into usable ‘matter’. Good for drilling the environment and destroying unwanted buildings and blueprints.


Matterising Laser: The alternate fire is a matteriser, adding nano-particles of matter to whatever you point it at. Can be used to build blueprints, repair buildings and create dirt, all from the matter reserves you’re carrying.


GDC is getting really close now.. ..looking forward to chatting with people about PixelJunk 1-6! :D


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8 thoughts on “Lasers straight from my heart

  1. The characters seem to be looking better with the outline look now.

    But maybe it’s just that it’s without the enviroments.

    I’m still sad over the changed art style in this though.It looked so much better without the outline look. :(

    • I have to second that… I’ve been looking through the old and new versions graphics again. The old versions have a sweet surreal 3D-esque look with the shading on all the flat surfaces. The black outlines disrupt this depth, almost like they don’t allow for a depth of field. That makes the objects/characters look really flat. It’s pretty sad to see the nice original graphics on the wallpapers and backgrounds of this page, and then you have the new outline style which just cannot beat it. :/

    • Don’t worry. We’ve got much more in store than just a ‘simple outline’. You’ll fall in love with what is coming soon. We certainly have. o^^o

      • Taking your word for that! Looking forward to more updates! Being able to watch the progress on the game and being able to comment is really cool!

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