Life on the Vine

Life on the Vine

Give it life! Well.. “lives” at least.. We added them this week. Here’s the deal.

Think of a “life” in 1-6 as cloned-data of yourself. As long as you have cloned-data available at a cloning station, whenever you die you’ll be reprinted back there again perfectly. Whichever cloning station you set to be your respawn is where you’ll be printed. There’s a few points to remember though.


-Clones must be purchased with ‘Matter’ as you play. To make sure you never run out of clone stock, you should buy one every now and then. Seeing as they cost ‘Matter’, you could effectively farm them indirectly and setup a clone farm so you never run out!

-Clones are SHARED across all players. Yes… ..yes. :) If anyone anywhere on the server dies, they will use up a clone. Better get that clone farm started. :D

If you die with no clones left, we’re currently considering 2 options:

-Explorer Mode: Respawn as a ‘broken clone-zombie’ until you can collect some ‘Matter’ to purchase a perfect clone.

-Hardcore mode: Game over man. Game over!

And we’ve been playing around with Vine a fair bit at the office this week. Our magnet sets were made for this. :D


3 thoughts on “Life on the Vine

  1. Oh gosh, those magnets are great.

    Also, I’m not sure which one of the ‘ no more lives ‘ scenarios I like more, ’cause on one hand I’m all-for hardcore stuff, but on the other hand losing everything you had might be pretty frustrating for a lot of people.
    Maybe make it a toggle-able setting, so you can choose between the two?
    Ooh, or maybe make a thing where, if you die and are out of clones, you come down on the planet as a new guy, a replacement for your previous dudes, but you appear a long time after the disaster, so a lot of the facilities are missing and the wildlife went rampant and such. Might be cool.

    • Yeah, I rekon we could just put both in and let players choose when starting a game. Hmm.. sounds like a plan.

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