Main screen turn on

Main screen turn on

Hi everyone. We’ve been making PixelJunk 1-6. It’s super-fun. We thought you guys should see too!

Every week we’ll be collecting our ideas and concepts here on this blog as we continue development on PixelJunk 1-6. We’re not sure how long it will take but, now everyone can peer in the window at us while we work (creepy..). If you have any questions check out our FAQ or maybe you’re just wondering “what the hell is PixelJunk 1-6”?

It’s still a work in progress, so remember that many of the things you see here on the blog might not end up in the game. We’re only a small team of 4 and can’t do everything (even though we want to!). If you do see something you really want though, let us know by making your voice heard in the comments!

Video games yay! :D

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28 thoughts on “Main screen turn on

  1. Looks fun guys. Keep up the good work and don’t forgot to make more acorn squash soup. Our supplies are running low.

  2. Welcome everyone, this is a big experiment in transparency and hopefully you’ll come back more info as have it each week. You’ll see how things develop bit by bit in the world of PixelJunk!

  3. I’m a huge fan of Eden on Steam, and then played through Shooter on PSN, really looking forward to this project, keep up the good work!

  4. Looks really neat! By the way, should I give up waiting for more older Pixeljunk games on Steam? I was really hoping Shooter would show up on the PC eventually…

  5. Congrats! I’ve waited for this for so long! And it’s looking awesome!! :D I would like to ask you though, PC is good enough, but why no PSN release? This seems illogical, since it’s an ongoing series on PSN. Shouldn’t you have your largest following there? This seems like it’s made for a coop experience on my PS3, just like the Shooter/Sidescroller games are!

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  8. This concept is really cool. I’ve always wanted to see the ‘behind the scenes’ of video game creation in high detail, So this kind of thing sounds amazing!

    I’m really glad that the PixelJunk brand is moving onto more platforms (especially PC), but I also hope that it eventually makes its way to PSN again, or even other platforms such as iOS or PSVita.

    nonetheless, I’m really excited for PixelJunk 1-6, and cannot wait to see and hear all of the developments!

  9. As someone who has bought all PixelJunk games… I’m pretty disappointed it’s not on PSN. I don’t game on PC or Mac – It just doesn’t appeal to me since I spend most of my days coding, and frankly don’t want to look at a computer by the time I get home. Oh well. If this comes out on PSN, I’ll get it. Otherwise, I suppose it’ll just be a shame.

  10. I’m not exactly sure what this is gonna end up being, but so far I’m loving the style. can’t wait to see where this goes. All your stuff up to this point was pretty rad, so I’ve got high expectations.

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