Make office!

Make office!

It’s been a long time! I’m the beer & robot loving artist Yamatron!
This week, I will write about how I create a design implementation plan of the “office” building. The Office building if the first to come out in the game. Here, you can check soup recipes, or receive a command from the Soup Co. RoboExec says “Make soup!”. The “office” is actually a spacecraft sending all players from Soup Co Central office to their planet.

Flow of design:

1 Rough sketch

2 Created in illustrator

3 Fit the image of the game in Photoshop. (outline+texture)

4.Try to put the material into games. (I also create parts to animate here.)

5 Modification from design feedback.


I want to write more detail of these steps again sometime! Various buildings will still come, so enjoy!!


4 thoughts on “Make office!

  1. Insanity strikes again! :) Like I said before, I like Illustrator work, too. Especially graphics made of clean shapes and straight lines and corners. Lovely!

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