Wow.. PAX. was. insane! o.O

The reception for PixelJunk Inc was amazing! Thanks to everyone who stopped by to play and picked up some of our awesome schwag. We got completely cleaned out, so if any of you got any loot hold onto it. It’s now limited edition!

Everyone was so nice and friendly. The PAX vibe is infectiously positive and the Indie MEGABOOTH felt like a huge family. Everyone’s games look great and I can’t wait to play them all. Indie Megabooth went OFF! :D


Here we are completely exhausted after 4-days of non stop PAX epicness! Again a big thanks to everyone who stopped by and played Inc. Also thanks to our personal Enforcer in blue, Hillary! You rocked. :)

News has been going up over the week and I suspect a little more could trickle out over the weekend. There’s plenty of gameplay videos out there now so check them out. :)


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2 thoughts on “MEGA PAX!

  1. Wow, you’ve created way more content than I thought! :)

    In Co-op, can different players upgrade separate things or do you work towards the same upgrading goal?

    • We’ve designed a ‘shared wallet’, so everything you guys earn shipping soup goes into a mutual pot for you to decide together how to spend.

      Even LIVES are shared at the moment… :)

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