Money Matters

Money Matters

Precious metals used to be the primary currency of trade in the galaxy. At a time now long forgotten though, technology was discovered which could ‘deconstruct’ any object into basic matter (the particles which make up the universe). And so it passed that simple matter became the accepted currency in the galaxy.

Certain precious metals though still remain resistant to the deconstruction process, making them even more valuable than historically known. Many establishments of old who deal in produce, manufacturing and higher technology research, still trade today using these metals.

You may have guessed it, we’ve split our currency in two!

‘Matter’ can now be obtained from ANYTHING in the world. Players can deconstruct resources down into their base particles and store them for later use. Matter is used to build new structures, buildings, perform base maintenance, repairs, etc.

‘Money’ is now earned by exporting manufactured goods and selling them to off-world buyers or markets. You can use money to research new technologies, new buildings and upgrades for your base!

We’ve already found this much simpler and easy to understand in play. It gives value to EVERYTHING in everything in the world. You can basically build an empire from dirt! It also makes it impossible to reach a ‘game over’ state as a result of poor financial/resource management. A time investment can recoup your loss!

There’s also something nice about walking through a pile of money and hearing the “bling bli-bling bling” sound as you collect it all! :D The first thing I built was a Scrooge McDuck style money pit!


3 thoughts on “Money Matters

  1. New in the monthly Soup Co. Catalogue: The ” Deep pockets ” money pool!
    Are you filthy rich? Better wash it off in your own pool of cash!

  2. “Soup Co’s shares are up .5% on rumours that the company is
    building a “giant death robot”. The company has been struggling as of late as
    its growth in revenue is slowing down and its operating margins shrinking. If
    the rumours are true, the “Death Soup Robot” could help create a surge in demand
    of canned soup as civilians across the universe begin to stock soup in fear of
    the apocalypse!

    Also in the news, a mushroom farm that was left un-harvested
    has clogged an entire underground plant. Production was halted which resulted
    in stocks of gold being slowly depleted. Workers need to route poisonous gas
    from storage tanks to the mushroom farm to help clear the unwanted mushroom.”

    • When queried as to why they had so much poisonous gas readily on-hand in storage tanks, workers were unable to comment further. Our investigation is ongoing.

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