My coworker is robot!

My coworker is robot!

Hi there! I’m the beer & robot loving artist Yamatron!

My work colleagues have been increased! And, they’re robots!

…although just in-game robots.

Robots that will help the Astroworkers in the base have been implemented this week. Picking up ingredients, they put them in factory, automatically! Now, it’s easier to expand production. Above all, it’s not lonely!





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5 thoughts on “My coworker is robot!

  1. So from what I can tell, they go from left to right and make pick up / drop off things they find on the way at appropriate locations. Am I close?

    • Pretty much yes, although they’re not so discerning as to know what an ‘appropriate location’ is, so you’ll need to design your base well to make them efficient. Simple/dumb yet predictable robots ask the player to design solutions to the problems, which is more fun than hand-holding. :)

  2. Will our little robots be attacked by the monsters as well? Will any
    of them be picked up and carried/flown to the monster’s nest? And then we would
    have to choose between leaving them to be the monster’s slave or to go
    on an adventure to save them.

    • Lol that would be awesome! :D Yes, they are vulnerable to attack at the moment, but there’s no complex ‘capture’ behaviours… …yet.

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