6 thoughts on “Mystery Present!

  1. ” So what exactly is inside? ”

    My guess would be soup.

    I wonder if the creamy sausage one has anything to do with the sausage party facility from four posts ago. There’s a party in my can and eveyone’s invited!

    • Those sausages sure look like they’re having fun! >< Cept that one on the right. He looks kinda distressed.. and the middle one looks all relaxed and content lol :D

      • The poor sausage !! Of course he will be distressed, how do you think it feels to be stuck floating in universe that is enclosed in a can?!!!

  2. I’ve heard that the Green Planet soup has an amazing taste… it has a rought texture but when you serve it with green chops it has a delicious taste!!! One thing’s for sure Monstro flavor will never be in my list of fav soups, EVERYTIME YOU OPEN IT! A substantian BUUUUURRPPP get’s out, and the room get’s all messy and smells funny, let’s leave that soup for the little robots…

  3. I’ve read that the Milky Way Galaxy Soup can is banned in our solar system since opening the can by an earthling might result in paranoia, anxiety, delusions and hallucinations

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