New gallery page!

New gallery page!

Hello! I am drunk robotic artist Yamatron!

We added a gallery page this week! !

You can see early concepts, the magazine “Astronote” in the galaxy of Inc., comics and more and more.

We hope you can use it while enjoying strange space travel with beer in one-hand! (all right! even coke and pizza!)

I will continue to update. please check! :D


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4 thoughts on “New gallery page!

    • わい!いつも見てくれてありがとうございます!
      I want to make more funkyrobots :D

  1. Awesome! I love the art style so much! And I’m really glad you actually handle the outlines so well. Inbetween updates I was really worried that you’d keep the big black outlines which made the game look way too cartoony. The new style with the textures and colored outlines looks great (even though I have to admit, the original clean style without any outlines is still the best to me).

    Will everything we see in the gallery make it into the game? I see so
    many cool vehicles (e.g. The Mega Chopper!!). I can’t wait to try them

    Also, will you sell some soup-can merchandise – or will you maybe make soup-labels available via PDF for everyone to make their own Inc. soup? I’d love that!

    Lastly, will we see some cameos from the Shooter series in Inc.? They’re my favourite Pixeljunk games – and since we’re in space, I’d love to get surprised by a Shooter ship or the ERS Pinita Colada itself ^^ Since this is gonna be a Steam Indie game, you think other cameos are possible too? E.g. by Super Meat Boy or the Commander Video from BitTrip?

    That’s all for now! =D

    • As with everything on the dev blog, we can’t guarantee it will all be in the game. We can only squeeze in so much, so only the best stuff will make it in.

      Lol, hadn’t considered cameos yet. We’re still just super busy trying to get the core game into everyone’s hands ASAP, so maybe Easter Eggs will come later. :)

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