NNG Early Access Update Notes: Revision 55272

NNG Early Access Update Notes: Revision 55272

Revision 55272 is now live on Steam! You will automatically receive this update when you start Nom Nom Galaxy. You can check your current revision on the titles screen next to the copyright information.

In this update we’ve improved controller and keyboard + mouse support, added a preliminary save system, and added pause functionality. Thanks for all of the feedback we’ve received via the Steam Community forums. It’s been extremely helpful! We’ll continue to work on bugs and requests for the next update. Please head over to the Nom Nom Galaxy Steam Community forums to contribute!


Update Notes

  • Added save function.
  • Select “Continue Work” from the main menu to load most recent save data.
  • Data is saved per stage, but only one file is created per stage at the moment.
  • Games are saved at the end of each day.
  • Save states don’t distinguish between 1P or 2P, so you can continue a game with a new player or without one.
  • Added pause functionality.
  • The game pauses when opening up the control guide and quit game dialog.
  • Added controller assignment options to the options menu.
  •  - 1P: controller, 2P: controller
  •  - 1P: controller, 2P: keyboard + mouse
  •  - 1P: keyboard + mouse, 2P: controller
  • If a controller is not connected, controls will default to keyboard + mouse.
  • At the end of the day, Astroworkers will gain full HP and oxygen.
  • Recipe Maker renamed to Soup Factory.
  • Fixed bug causing buildings next to Soup Factories to fall after it was unlocked.
  • Shotgun can now be fired with L2 or R2 when using a controller.
  • Fixed bug in 2P mode that prevented exit dialog from properly displaying when pressing Esc key.
  • Adjusted unlock costs of items in the research menu.
  • Lowered the cost of Soup Factory to 300 Matter.






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