Nom Nom Nominated! Post-PAX Update #1 (Ver. 0.15)

Nom Nom Nominated! Post-PAX Update #1 (Ver. 0.15)

Salutations Astroworkers!

We got some good news here at Soup Co. today! Nom Nom Galaxy has been nominated as a Finalist at Independent Games Festival China!

IGF China Finalist

Here’s to hoping we take home the Grand Soup Prize! That’s probably not what it’s called, but we’ll rechristen it if we win!

This week we’ll be doing the first of our Post-PAX updates for Nom Nom. PAX was a boon for us because we got to see what new players experiecne when they first set out to start their soup empire. These updates will be focused on addressing issues that we heard at the show and a few that have been echoing on the Steam forums.

Astroworkers will now have a base 15% increase to movement speed. Coupled with the AstroBoots upgrade, you’ll be a Soup Speedster!


There seemed to be some confusion about rotating corridors for new players at PAX. Until we work out a more intuitive way to let players know that most base pieces can be rotated, we’ve added Vertical Corridor pieces to the Building Blueprints.

So many options, so little Matter...

So many options, so little Matter…

Ladders will no longer be the end all for supporting structures in midair. Any buildings places above ladders without proper support will now fall.

Girders and struts now transfer power to adjacent buildings! This will help base design variety. There’s also a power indicator on blueprints when placing buildings.

Now you're building with power!

Now you’re building with power!

Finally, we’ve fixed the zoom issue with the UFO Boss a.k.a the PAPP (Passive Aggressive Pestilence Platform). When playing co-op, you can now see what you’re doing. Soup Co. would like to apologize for that. ;-)

As always, please let us know what you think in the comments here, on our Steam CommunityFacebook, or Twitter! See you next time!


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