Deconstructor Om Nom Nom

Deconstructor Om Nom Nom

The deconstructor has taken on some personality! It looks kind of ominous now.. can’t wait to give it some animation. Deconstructors will disintegrate ANYTHING you drop into them and pump out ‘matter’ that you can use wherever you want. They’re hand operated, so no power is required. Om nom nom. :D


On a side note, our visual style has been evolving internally over the last few weeks. We’re still letting the dust settle before revealing too much :P, but we’ve become quite fond of this outline now. It adds nice definition to edges so you know where to jump from, grab ledges, etc and it looks just plain cool. As we’re using all vector data, we can also zoom in as much as we like without losing any fidelity! :D Some nicely timed zooms linked to gameplay when pulling levers, interacting with buildings, etc could be cool.

We’re already VERY busy in the lead up to GDC. I’m sure there’ll be even more for everyone to see very soon. :)


18 thoughts on “Deconstructor Om Nom Nom

  1. Have been following this game with much interest. The outline is an interesting choice, but for the worse in my opinion. Many games avoid the flat colour look but I for one am all for it. And 2013, flat colour is “IN” ;) (thanks Metro UI)

    Outlined the art loses something of the originality and harks back to a look of early Flash game tutorials, with *ahem* badly drawn outlined assets.

    Don’t give in guys! Flat colour vector art takes balls. It’s not everyones cup of tea, but you have a fan here. The outline kills it.

    • Hmm, interesting dude.. very interesting. *strokes manly beard*.

      Good thing this outline might not be ‘all’ we’ve got up our sleeves coming soon visually.. :) Keep an eye on us approaching GDC as we go into full man-mode.

      • I have to agree with the previous speakers. Loved the simplicity of the non-outlined art. Crossing my fingers for an PlayStation X announcement at GDC!

  2. Yeah. The outline makes it feel badly cartoony. And the outline kills the small details and beveling. The look is perfect as is. That’s what originally caught my attention of the game in the first place.

  3. I prefer the previous look too. It’s true that now is more readable, but is completely killing the art style.

  4. I’m torn about the graphics, honestly. On one hand, the outlines DOES give it a sorta cartoony, slightly scribblenauts-esque look.
    On the othar hand, the flat color look gave it a much more painterly look.. The outlined thing is just getting overdone, while the flats are both unique and just look more outstanding, ironically.
    I can see it being a tough choice, but I’m probably gonna have to go with the flat colors. Just straight looks better.

    Also, GDC, huh? I might just have to catch a plane to come see you guys.

  5. Hm. I prefer the old graphic style too. The outlines would look cool in a “blueprint” mode I guess, but in this colorful geometric world, they destroy the whole shading of the objects… Also, the previous art style reminds me so much of the PixelJunk Shooter games, which was a great Plus for 1-6. Please consider stepping back to the original graphic style :)

  6. I totally preferred the previous style, The only way i see strokes working is perhaps a strong saturated stroke using the fill colour, The black is too bold in my opinion, But i love you guys and your 2D visual styles are what makes you guys amazing! Keep it up

  7. I’m just going to chime in with Noooooooo!
    Sorry, just really preferred the previous style, maybe this looks better animated, but I don’t know, just ain’t doing it for me.

  8. Thanks for all the feedback RE the art style guys. We’re definitely walking a line between simple aesthetic beauty and functionality. I’m keen now to show everyone some motion and a little more of our hand at GDC. Just remember, nothing is set in stone here, and it’s great to hear everyone’s voices!

  9. i will join the no-outline army here, no outline is a much more mature look, it looks more than a “different kind of world” than vector assets … switched around between outline and no outline images for some minutes, the outline one allways gave me an odd sensation of “somehing is not right”

    in the end i think it wont matter much for the popularity of the game, but i still would highly prefer the old style

  10. Don’t worry folks – we haven’t “just” made it outlined and Rowan is just teasing you with this tiny first step as we find a unique style for our game. If you look at our different titles we try not to use the same style twice and we’ve done the “Shooter” style twice already (with Shooter 1&2).

    So watch as we evolve the style and it becomes something unique to 1-6, it is an interesting process!

  11. Whoa! Lots of discussion about the new art direction! While we appreciate the feedback, I think everyone is going to be happily surprised when they see that this is just the jump off for the new style. We’ll be teasing more of the changes we lead up to a certain event happening at the end of the month. Bear with us until then!

  12. I really like this new outlined style! Not only does it help differentiate the foreground from the background, but I think it looks really cool too. I’d love to see many more screenshots with this outlined look so that we can get more of a ‘feel’ for it.

    While it may be getting a bit of different opinions from the fans, I think that it should be given a fair trial period to test the waters a bit.

    I also can’t wait to see this game in action! Great stuff guys!

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