Porting to Platform X

Porting to Platform X

Hi everyone. Many of you have asked “will PixelJunk 1-6 be on Platform X!?”. I’d love it to be on Platform X! It’s my favourite! :) We wanted you guys to hear the discussion we’ve been having on how to make it easier to potentially port in the future.

So there are a few popular libraries out there that can make porting your game easier. Recently, we’ve been looking specifically at SDL. SDL and similar libraries float ‘between’ your game and the OS (whichever it may be) to help unify lots of OS specific things and make it easier to write your game. So instead of worrying about how to play a sound or open a window in Windows & Mac & Linux, SDL just takes care of that for you. Some developers using a less cultivated engine might even find SDL a bit sparse and prefer to go with something more feature rich like SMFL. To implement SDL requires parts of existing code to be re-written and wrangled to explicitly use it. Once you’re done though, you can just write to SDL and not worry so much about what platform the game will float on at the end.

The problem is, the longer you wait to implement it, the harder it gets (you’ll have more stuff to re-write and hook up). The plus-side is it would be a relatively small time offset now for a huge time gain later in the event we did go to other platforms like Mac, Linux or beyond. A port might be doable in just 1 month rather than 4. However right now, it means that game development would stop for 1-2 weeks while our lone programmer implements it. Unfortunately, our current team size means this doesn’t really feel possible at the moment. >_< If we can find some extra time or an extra programmer, it is definitely something we’re considering though. It would mean more people could play PixelJunk 1-6!

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  1. Please do this !! I so badly want to play Pixeljunk 1-6 but run on a mac I am absolutely sure it would be worth finding someone to make this work for you guys when other titles like Faster than Light and Minecraft have done the same ! Pixeljunk is really becoming my favourite series and I would hate to miss out

  2. That’s good to hear. While I am extremely happy to see this game be made for PC, I do think that PixelJunk Games should be available to as many as possible.

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