Roll Out!

Roll Out!

Exploring the HUGE environment in PixelJunk 1-6 is cool, but after a while you start wanting get around a little faster. With a little more efficiency.. with a little more style! I don’t really want to still be walking around exploring like when I first started. We also like the idea that players who choose to invest resources (yes resources) into vehicle specific research (yes research too) should be allowed to get some pretty funky stuff if they want!

Over the week we’ve been thinking about a variety of vehicles, each with a single clearly defined purpose. Either scouting, digging, combat, haulage, etc. Regardless of research, all players will have access to basic vehicles, but there should be some cooler stuff a little further on to reward those who choose invest in the research.

We’ll pick a few of the more functional & fun looking vehicles and quickly implement them when we can to see what they feel like. One of the drill cars is already in and being tested. Next should probably be something to make scouting a bit easier. We’re also running a poll over on the PixelJunk Facebook page for which vehicle concepts are the coolest. Head over and vote!

And this would officially be the coolest way to clear flat areas of terrain! >< City councils should get on this right now.

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5 thoughts on “Roll Out!

  1. Oh man that Death Chopper. These are looking pretty good, I particularly like the way you’ve got the battery indicator on the vehicles themselves without being obtrusive.
    ( I am of course assuming this would be an indicator of battery/fuel level )

  2. Pixel Junk Inc folks,You guys inspired me to leave a message via your 8.5 bit interview. As far as Co-Op vehicles are concerned I would like to see a pilot/nav set up for a mining/exploration vehicle wherein one player has control of the vehicle and the other player has access to minimap that shows resources and hazards at a bit of a longer range. Just like a proper navigator, he could direct the pilot where to go and inform him of incomming enemies and other hazards… If you found the minimap too intrusive (i wouldnt think it would be if it were toggle-able) you couldalso handle this idea with screen corner arrow markers showing direction and/or distance to said threat or resource. Anyway, this is the exact type of thing id love to see in this exact type of game! Thanks for at least reading!

    • You Tim, are a Sir. :)

      Games needs more co-op vehicles like this, that actually encourage meaningful co-op and aren’t just a “gunner’s seat”.

      • Agreed. Gunners seat is fine but i feel there is room for more and different types of co-op play that keeps both players engaged and encourages actual communication. I really feel like the Nav/Pilot setup could be such a great time in this type of resource gathering game. There are many creative ways the design could be implemented as well. Anyways, Thanks for the response. Its great that you guys communicate with fans. And rest assured, I have been telling every gamer I know about this game!

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