Self-satisfaction and soup

Self-satisfaction and soup

Feeling cool is awesome (feeling awesome is also cool)! It’s usually because you did something you couldn’t before and trumped the “old you”. Sense of accomplishment though relies on knowledge of your past self. Without the right info to measure against, you’ll never know just how honestly terrible you used to be!

So we’ve cultivated some features that are going to help nurture this feeling of self-satisfaction and give you the info you’ll need to make decent strategic decisions about the production of soup.

Receipts – Every shipment of soup returns with not only your payment but a detailed receipt. Handy. :D

Earnings Report – Check your shipment history over time with a breakdown of soup flavours per shipment included.

Galactic News – See reports from abroad about the effects your soup production is having, and get market tips for possible future strategies. “Galactic tomato soup shortage drives up price? Well, this red alien thing looks close enough, let’s earn some bonus coin!”


High scores and best lap times are historically great ways to pat yourself on the back. Games like Inc even give you the chance to be reactionary mid-play and improve. Change your production line design, swap soup ingredients, keep refining until you have the off-world soup production facility you always wanted. :)


1 thought on “Self-satisfaction and soup

  1. Oh man, paperology. I love documentation and stats, it’s massages those same nerve endings that the likes of ” Papers, Please ” does. And hey, an actual fluctuating ingame economy is pretty sweet as well.

    Speaking of the economy, will the players actions actually affect the economy in the game? Like, if I take over an entire planet and dedicate it to making nothing but tomato soup, would the price for tomato soup eventually drop because there’s a surplus?

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