Soup Enders Game

Soup Enders Game

“What’s the end of the game?”

There’s some ongoing ideas that we’ve mentioned, but let’s discuss a few more here just to see what comes up.

The original idea for turning the local fauna & flora into soup came from a restaurant concept, where players would shoot the soup into customers’ mouths until they exploded from gluttony. Then used their corpses for yet more soup. Deliciously macabre!

The restaurant was meant to be the bait to lure customers in, but galactic food tourism could work too.


Design-wise, this could create some weird balances between the player and their primary income source (you have to use your main export as tower ammo?). It might also discourage exploration as you can just call down your ingredients. Still, it’s an idea!

This also creates awkward questions from the local galactic police. What if they were the waves of enemies you needed to fight back with towers and defense?


So our original end-game idea is still that you eventually make your own soup company and ‘go indie’. That’s still on the table. How about this one from Yamatron though. To escape your soup making forced labour, you eventually research a secret soup factory where you can turn YOURSELF into soup. Then launch yourself into space to escape your  punishing salary-man existence!


Again, all just ideas, but ideas don’t impact development. To actually implement any of these would require lots of design gaps to be filled in though. Still.. it keeps coming up. Bad ideas tend to just get left behind and forgotten. When you ‘chasing the fun’ though, the best things are just unstoppable magnets, and people swarm to them.


8 thoughts on “Soup Enders Game

  1. I DO like the idea of hiding in a soup can and escaping. Sort of a fitting ‘ win ‘ condition, all considered.
    What worked in my mind was pretty boring, where you just eventually reach a point where the planet’s soup factory is fully automated and is capable of doing everything without you. Then you get picked up and sent over to a new planet. Maybe new game+, maybe you get something each time you ‘ conquer ‘ a planet ( like a permanent +1 to jump height or something ), or maybe just nothing ever because metaleveling isn’t fun. Lots of stuff you can do with it.

  2. I always though that this game won’t have an end. Just like Minecraft or Terraria.

    If you reach a point where you already made EVERYTHING you can do and the game becomes boring, there could be natural disasters, alien invasions or random accidents in the factory so the game never ends.

  3. I thought you might have some possibility to activate bossfights by mining/processing certain “matter” or making soup out of some ancient being that would anger the fauna :P

  4. Hm, maybe you throw your corporate leaders into the soup pot, and then without any leadership (but WITH perfected efficiency and automated soup-making capabilities) the soup factory produces soup endlessly to feed the hungry masses ’round the galaxy as an NPO.

    • And it could still involve escaping in soup cans before the CEO’s executive team arrives in the factory and everyone is turned into soup.

      • I feel like this is a solution for larger global economic issues currently facing the world we live in. This should be presented immediately to our respective local government representatives (along with human-sized soup cans for them all).

  5. I think it would be fun to maintain multiple factories across worlds with varying environments before you go straight to making restaurants.

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